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Wonderful Creatures - #28 of 75

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I remember seeing fruit bats in the Philippines, they are huge and quite awesome.


Okay, messed up the link! AFTER "/animals-pets-kids/" insert "mammals-kids" which will be followed by the "/bat-flying-fox-kids/

Sorry!!! Carole


Dondi, I found a National Geographic video about the Australian Flying Fox (a fruit bat) with a 6-foot wing span. This pic is apparently a baby and the video explains that they cannot fly when they're this small...might explain the wings not being visible. In the video you can see the huge 5-toed back feet. I also found several "baby pix" photos of these guys that I will post today for you where you can see the wings.


In my experience, fruit bats are huge - a common name is "flying foxes". The foreclaws look bat-like, but they're usually attached to the wings; the way this is held makes me wonder what happened to the wings? And the rear feet are *huge*, and it seems unusual to have all five fingers like that, more or less the same length.


All of the pix of Stellaluna show a very light-colored, pale bat...almost white. The pix I can find of pure black bats like this one (with black eyes) are labeled "fruit bats." My knowledge of these animals is limited...sorry I can't do better. The photos that came to me in an email didn't have any info. Carole


Is that Stellaluna?


that, pray is a bat


What, pray tell, is that?!