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Submersible Vessel Alvin.

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Over the years dad was lucky enough to go down on three deep water submersible dives. One of them was in Alvin to the depth of a mile off the south shore here in Bermuda. She is owned by the US Navy and operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. They have done major tests with Alvin in Bermuda because it is easy getting to very deep water quickly. Alvin has explored the Titanic wreck as well as being involved in many dives all over the world. She carries a pilot and two observers.
On the 6th july 1967 Alvin was attacked by a Swordfish at 2000feet which became trapped in Alvin's skin. The pilot had to make an emergency surface where the fish was dis-lodged and eaten for dinner!!
Dad was excited but disappointed in the shell sightings of which there were virtually none! The slope was steep and so hardly any growth. On the ridges there was life with lots of Plankton and different looking fish, shrimp and squid. We also have a deepwater six-gilled shark which is rarely sighted. They saw a few other types of sharks.


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Thanks lajuin, will go over now.


Robbie - I just posted a puzzle for you (not exercise). This is why I think you should have gone to Siena when you were in Italy last year. Yummy, Yummy


You can have my ticket Monica, no way!! Yes your dad would probably enjoy it, thanks.


This looks like it could be loads of fun! They should sell tickets to commoners like ourselves, to take us down two at a time to see the beautiful underwater fish and shells and other exciting ocean stuff! It would be a great way for the Navy to make extra money to build missiles or whatever it is that the Navy needs! Great pic Robbie, my Dad would go nuts over this one!


I am certainly with you PKH, you really have to be interested enough to keep from climbing the walls! Thanks.

Hi lajuin, yes he can have it! Thanks.

Your getting all gushy Celeste..............STOP SINGING!!!......Hehhehheh......Thanks.

Hi PK, you are welcome.

Glad you found it interesting oddio, thanks.


Really fascinating, Robbie. Thanx.


Love it thanks


Can we paint it yellow? and sing.. "We all live in the yellow submarine... yellow submarine...."

i can only imagine now how many are like omgosh now i got that song stuck in my head.. heheheh


Nope, I don't want to submerge, but am super impressed by your dad's adventurous nature.


Can not begin to imagine going underwater in something like Alvin. Certainly, it was a great experience for your dad and others. You would be pulling me off of the walls.


Yes for dad Hanne, I don't want to go down there! Thanks.

You're welcome PnB and thanks.

I don't know when Jana, but we can dream!


I am very happy Robbie, that you like the video, I wish Jenny a very nice holiday in Austria :-)))))


Thank you for the interesting information on life around you.


How VERY interesting!! Must have been marvellous!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Hi Jana, that is a fascinating video about Austria, thanks very much, Jenny wants to go!! Glad you enjoyed the story, thanks.


Thank you for another story, I really like it Robbie :-)))))


Hi Robbie. the video for cooling :-))))))))


Yes PG, you let the Navy's secret out of the bag!! Arm and Hammer donated a ton of baking soda to be put inside Alvin with dad........That was the only way he could get in.........He said the trip was very exhilarating, fizzy and white!!!!!!! Thanks mate, you're too funny.

Hi Rob, that PG! Yes dad has had an interesting life, thanks.

Hi OM, hope you are feeling better. Yes I have heard and seen Bob B on TV, he is quite a man. He was not here on dad's dive but came a month later to dive on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Alvin had a major overhaul towards the end of 1992 and came to Bermuda in march 1993 for certification and engineering dives. After the Navy's ok, they made two dives for the Bermuda Zoological Society and Royal Ontario Museum. Dad was on the second one. There was a problem at the ridge so they brought Alvin back to Bermuda for minor repairs in april then finished their work at the Ridge in april.
Alvin has just had a $41m overhaul and is supposed to come back here in april for their certification and engineering dives. Thanks OM.


What experiences your father's had, Robbie.

Bob Ballard has spent many years in Alvin. Ballard is one of my heroes. I've watched many National Geographic and other nature shows about his diving experiences. He's the one who finally located the Titanic. Have you heard of him?


LOL!! pg you are crazy!!
Thanks for the great info Robbie - your father has had a wonderful & interesting life!!


I had one like that when I was a little kid. You put baking soda in it and it would rise from the bottom. I guess this one needed a lot of baking soda.


Well all of dad's were productive..............Mine were troublesome!!! Thanks LJ.


What amazing experiences you and your Dad have had.


Right on Carol!!! I have an idea but it won't be a cake!! I'll let you know.


Hey Robbie, are you going to make that hamburger cake!? ;) If you do would you be kind enough to put a glob of butter on top of any bacon you might put on it....then it would be perfect and I'll have to come down there for a piece or two!


It sure was snooker and he could see how the dredge used to get stuck a lot........loads of sharp ridges like mountains and steep ledges. Thanks.

What a fantastic trip for your dad.


Hey mate, where you been? Yes this is the one, I bought it, you want a ride?! Good to see you mate, thanks.


is this the submarine from Alvin and the chipmunks?


Yikes is right Squire, not me!!!!

Yes we both enjoyed his earlier books gem, but they are kind of far fetched now. No he has not met him. A curator from the Toronto Museum invited dad to go with him. He used to come down every year to go out with us and collect something from the deep that neither of us can remember and could not pronounce the name of!! Thanks.

Hi Ardy, it looks smaller still when wallowing in the water. No way I would get in it. Dad said that it was quite cramped but once you started seeing things it was better..........I'll just take his word for it! Thanks.

Hi gnt, thanks mate, glad you like it.

Yes BJ, for sure, thanks.

Hi Carol, glad you enjoyed it and thanks.


Thanks Robbie........that was so interesting!


Fun to be in if you are not scared of close quarters. Thanks for the info


great photo and input appreciate it


Robbie, that doesn't look big enough for one "little e\person" let alone three normal sized men. I'm beginning to feel stressed just thinking about it. I don;t even like to drive through tunnels!!!. Thanks for the information. That shark wasn't very smart!!


So is your dad a Clive Cussler fan? Or have they ever met?


3.9 miles down in the ocean?!?!? YIKES!!!


Hi chickie, we crossed, you're welcome.


Hey Squire, still looking good on your stolen bike!! I agree and even more unbelievable they are doing a refit and she will be able to go down to 6,400 metres!!! NO WAY!! Thanks mate.


It just looks so odd when you think in terms of a pressure hull. How could they have designed something this asymmetrical to take such incredible crushing pressures? I'm with you Robster, I wouldn't go below about thirty meters in this thing, let alone a mile and more!

Thanks for the neat story.


Hi Angel, yes quite a story, I cannot imagine being inside when that happened! Thanks.

Hi Naoma, thanks a lot, glad you enjoy them.

Hi Glad yes it is, but you would never hear from me! I don't like heights OR depths!! Thanks.


Wow, very interesting Robbie. Thanks


Thank you for sharing this information and picture. It is neat to hear from someone who actually went down in one of these vessels.


Thank you for the information, it is very interesting when you post puzzles. . . Naoma

Neat photo and fantastic story. I never thought a Swordfish would see a mini-sub as dinner or the enemy. It is early and I have already filled my quota of learning something new each day. Thanks for a good puzzle, to boot, Robby.