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Town Beach, Hugh Town, Isles of Scilly. Photo by Richard Croft

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How's about a pair of water wings they're good for keeping afloat and I'll make sure you're attached to a lifebelt and string to haul you in. I still see Battenburg cake on shop shelves Phyllis...Sue


What a hoot! we'd be the tourist attraction maybe:-) I wonder if they still make Battenburg cake there Sue? I'm just sitting here giggling at the thought of me and floating tyres, you'd better make sure I'm attached to something ashore too:-)))


We went to Tresco for the day and then back to Penzance. I really want to have a proper holiday here as I fell in love with the Scilly Islands.
I reckon Phyllis that we'll be having that coffee and cake next year if you come over.
Come on Joyce we've saved you a seat with a view.


Definitely would like to join you & Sue!! I like the thought of the tires acting as floaters too. hahahahaha


Ha ha - what a great idea. The tyres my walker has at present are very hard things and I'm always stubbing my toes [ouch] But yes, low tide is a good idea, it's so been long since I got to walk on a beach. To dream, to dream perchance to dream! Len was talking tonight about me coming home again Sue, very much depends on my health, but you'll know how much I long to come back.

With the house sold and mum's estate being settled I'd have the money for a trip, maybe next summer. The pub idea sounds good too, are you going to join us Joyce?


We once spent a week staying at The Hell Bay Hotel on Bryher; smallest of the inhabited Isles of Scilly and next door to Tresco. Had a day trip to St Mary and another to Tresco.
The week was life changing as we'd never been so far out of the rate race and yet still in comfort with good food. It was a long while ago now and I would love to make another visit.


Good idea Joyce then if the tide comes in Phyllis can convert to a floater walker....
Looks like most of the beach is covered at high tide so I'm sure we can find a nice pub to relax in till the tide goes out. Thanks Joyce...Sue


We'll get you those big balloon type tires for your walker Phyllis!! :)))
They get quite a tide here; I like when the tide gets very low, best time to walk the beaches. Thanks again for a great tour Sue!! :)))
(time, 5:59)


The sand looks nice and smooth so I think you'd be ok Phyllis. Hopefully there's a beachside cafe were we can have Cornish icecream. These are lovely islands and I would love to have a week or two here...Sue
I have been to the Scilly Islands 48 on a day trip from Penzance. We wanted to go to Tresco one of the many island that make up the Scillys. So once we were off the ferry we were straight onto a craft to takes us to Tresco. What a beautiful island, white sand, no traffic, a bontanical garden with friendly birds and (at the time) one pub/hotel. We spent a glorious day there and I really want to go back...Sue


Hi Sue, It looks so inviting, maybe a stroll on the beach would be nice. I wonder if I'd get my walker moving in the sand:-)


Have you taken the ferry from Penzance to Hugh Town Sue? Looks like tourism might be a large source of income here.