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My pig - out dinner tonight, Jenny's out!!

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You like your eggs the same way I do David, but hard to get them. How ridiculous,but I guess some owners have to follow dumb laws sometimes, thanks.


Lately, many of the rules about meat and eggs have been rolled back a notch or three - I stayed at a bed-and-breakfast last month and the man said he could make me runny sunny-side up eggs just as long as he could make a legal disclaimer before accepting the order. It was like listening to the fine print on a pharmaceutical ad but I got wonderful eggs just the way I like them.


That's right lajuin, I must admit this picture is a bit scary and untidy, but all natural and safe. Thanks.


At least you are not eating "pink slime" ( all natural beef product (yep!) ), Robbie


Thanks gem and YO, unfortunately like a lot of things today the majority have to suffer for a crooked and irresponsible minority.

Another case of over legislation. Nothing wrong with raw meat as long as one is careful of the source. It is now difficult to find a good cheese when the benefits are destroyed by pasteurization.


You can get your steaks cooked that way, Robbie, but after listeria and ecoli outbreaks, many provinces have legislated the temperature and well-doneness of ground beef.


No bookish, medium is my limit, medium rare is my favourite. I don't like hamburgers in Canada, no-one will cook them rare or even medium, well not in Nova Scotia! Thanks.


Robbie, you wouldn't like my meat - very well done, no pink.


You are so right Carol, we would swim in butter if we could! Thanks.


Sigh, looks so good! Robbiel both our menus should start with "BUTTER" accompanied by........ :)


I'm glad you shared Hanne, thanks.
Glad you agree JB, thanks.
Sounds really good PG, enjoy! Destroy....POOF...........Damn it's still there!!!


PS. Destroy this photo.


OK now you got me. I am going to the market and getting some ground sirloin adding a drizzle of truffle balsamic and have lunch. I slice on a mandolin some onion and it adds just the right taste. One can drop a few capers on it but that may put it over the top. Remember one of our great presidents said ketchup, heinz only, was a vegetable and how could he be wrong. Cheers and I would never tell Jenny.


The only way to eat beef - rare. YUMMY looking food. Glad you enjoyed it!! :D


Somehow I envy you this a little, just to plunge into all those unhealthy delicatesses, splash around and finally sit totally filled with the feeling that you ate too much and too fat, but wasn't it good!! Thanks so very much Robbie, I shared it with you like the man standing outside the restaurant sniffing all the good smells!!


Yes chookies it does....another 1/2 LB would fill the plate nicely!
MMMMM.......BURP.........You mention "stuffing" Lela?....HIC....
Oh chickie, good, good, good!
Thanks lyndee, I'm waiting!!
You are right PKH!!
Thanks David, I feel complete now!
Why not Kathy? I've been eating raw hamburger since my early twenties. Only from a good butcher though. Try slicing very thin prime or tenderloin, drizzle some thick balsamic vinegar and salt on and savour the flavour!! Yes but Jenny gave up ages ago.
Thanks SMor, no way, everything I eat is REAL!!
Hi gem, she did finish early tonight and Australia beat South Africa for the Rugby World Classic trophy here tonight!
I did thank you PK, looking forward to thursday now. We don't normally celebrate Thanksgiving but my mate from New York is coming down and we are roasting a turkey and a goose with all the trimmings! Should be good, I know most of you will be having wonderful dinners too. Thank you all.


Oh Robbie that looks soooo good. I know you enjoyed it. That's what counts.


Weeeell, you do eat a lot of fresh fish so an OCCASIONAL splurge is allowed...hope Jenny is finished with the babysitting really soon! :D


All natural, there's no artificial plastic or cardboard on this plate... Go for it... Enjoy your dinner Robbie.... Don't dawdle.... The food police will be at your door any minute.... :) :)


A grown man eating RAW burger??? What are you thinking??? Has Jenny not talked to you about that being bad for you??? But I love the toppings on the cooked burger & I know that baked potatoes are only really happy when doing laps in a pool of butter.


I suppose the olives painted on the plate will do for your green vegetable quota...


Sure beats tofu and mineral water!


Oh my Robbie. That's a heart attack waiting to happen!


Oh Robbie! Bad, bad, bad, but looks oh so yummy!


Yes, as I was typing, there was NO COMMENT!....(probably because you were stuffing your face!)........


It looks like you're on a diet, Robbie!!!


OOpsy.....I apologize, my comment was probably later than yours, how rude of me Lela!!!!! HEE - HEE.....


Can't you read Goldy??!!


OOpsy...I mean, of course, what's the food?.....




Yes Jenny is baby-sitting so I have 3/4 LB of rare hamburger ( I ate the other 1/4 LB raw) with Parmeson cheese, mayo and ketchup, Vidalia onion and baked potato swimming in butter!!!!! Sorry the knife and fork look kind of untidy, but oh this tastes SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!
Enjoy your dinner wherever you are tonight/tomorrow!!