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Wow super Cool Robbie.. thank you for the info..
I so wish one day to be able to visit Bermuda and also the Bahamas. I have a good friend i talk to online that lives there.
Thank you PLG and Pumpkin :)


Looks like a nice place to get away from it all. Shame is, that many "escapes" get too big.
thanks for the pix, Celeste and for the information, Robbie.


Thank you, Celeste -- this is great!
And thank you, Robbie, for the info. Very interesting!


Hi Celeste, PLG said you were calling. This is up at the west end of the Island and is now called The 9 Beaches Resort. The concept originally was an eco-friendly atmosphere with glorified tent structures some on stilts. The site is gorgeous as you can see, about 18 acres with access to 9 beaches. Daniels Head Island is out there in the background. No A/Cs, telephones or televisions and the first year was disastrous! Anyway they got their act together, built these cabana style cottages and added A/Cs and in 2005 started out again. I really don't know a lot about it but I gather it was pretty popular last few years and the owners wanted to put a lot more buildings and cater to locals. Personally I think they are nuts, but what do I know.....I'm just a dumb Bermudian! Beautiful puzzle Celeste, thanks.


Great set Celeste


Thank you Jack, Chickie and ya I know Gemstone.. I was lookin for him.. giggles
Wondered if he might have seen this .. grins


Where's Robbie...and the rum swizzles? :)))


Nice one Celeste.


verry nice