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Dainty Whirlies

54 pieces
182 solves
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Mandy....very cool! Scroll down a bit.....


Oh, geeez, I've been offline most of the day and there are so many nice comments here and on other puzzles of mine that I'm just going to say thank you very much, Pat, Ardy, Mandy, whatnauts, and Amy.
But Mandy, I will do a Google search later on to see what the Catherine Wheel fireworks look like, and Amy, you were a bad girl for loving Mandy's description so much, but taking her top spot (which she probably had before you came by). Bad Amy! Since Mandy removes you from top spots and you remove her from them as well, I think you two should agree on an amount of top spots that's acceptable. Maybe write up a proposal.


I really LOVE Mandy's description of yummy, delicious, swirled desserts!


I liked this one a whole bunch :))))) Thanks much.


As a child I just loved the Catherine Wheel fireworks, and these remind me of that time. They also look like delicious desserts, which have been whirled through with cream, or chocolate, or raspberry sauce, and now I'm getting hungry!!! Many thanks.


Loved whirling around with these dainties. Pat is so good with her descriptive comments that once again I'm wanting to echo what she said. Thanks for this delight.


Lovely and ladylike! I really do love this combination--cool colors and clever backgrounds!