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Old Building ~ Feb. 16, 2013

24 pieces
115 solves
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Thank you morris.
Thank you young man.


And in Australia where rob is, it is tomorrow. So Happy Birthday!!!!


A great shot chickster and since it is cold out you can go in there and everything except the bear will be sleeping, I hope.


Tomorrow morris. I know the path was kinda cleared.

Thank you robryan and Patti.


Is it your Birthday, chickie?
I think that something is living in there, notice how there are no trees in front of the opening!
Always wanted to get to kayro, opposite end the state from me!


Never know what you'd find in there - good one chickie. Thanks....and Happy Birthday!!


Always enjoy your old buildings. Thanks, CM!


LOL snooker.
I have been there once lyndee quite a few years ago, but wasn't into picture taking then. It was very sad back then.
Thank you shirley.
Well I'm glad it's not just me with the comments disappearing. Must be a jigidi problem.


Speaking of comments disappearing, one of my puzzles had three comments and before I could acknowledge them they were gone, not sure whats going on... Love this old barn, Thanks chickiemama.


Cairo would be a great place to get pictures Sandy. We used to go through there quite often before they had the interstate. Hard to get any good pictures when you think you have to go the quickest and fastest route!


I thought I was the only one. They are there one minute, then *poof* gone.

Put him in the barn and board up the door. Walter can peer out between the boards and repent.


So you are the culprit! What are we going to do with you oddio?


(shh! don't tell nobody. i been goin around erasing different folkses comments)


I know Robbie was having the problem also.


I've had that comment problem, too, Chickie and Laura. Anybody else?


Thank you warbler, laura and gnt.

Laura, almost everytime I go to town, I turn off on a side road I have not been on. In less that 3 or 4 minutes I see one of these. They are everywhere. There is a town at the southern tip of Illinois that was a booming town in it's day. Cairo, Illinois I want to go there because it is on the confluence of the Mississippi river and the Wabash river and the town is mostly abandoned buildings. It would be a fun whole day adventue and I would come home with enough pics to last a year .

Oh, and I have been having the same problem with my comments disappearing.


great pic of that old building


I keep writing comments and must forget to click the post button. Grrr... Anyway, I has asked you if you had to go off the beaten trail to get this shot, chickie. It's a nice one!


Chickie SCORES!! Nice one! You'd probably never see it in the summer.


I know tex. I was tempted to walk up there to have a look see, but changed my mind.


You better be careful, Chickie, you never know what's inside that gaping hole! Might run out and grab you!


Thank you Ank, Hanne, jobo and oddio.


Nice reward for trampin around in the weeds, CM.


Looks like it might have once been a sugar shack!


Very decorative indeed!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Geesh jc. You got on here fast! Thank you. : )


Nice photo, chickie!