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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 04

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If you squint a little, this might remind you of the Michelin tire guy… without a head… which might make a more interesting story than the poster and line-up I bring you today. Who’s chopping off tire heads? Why? Do you still need to rotate them periodically? Wes Wilson is responsible for this… guess he hadn’t hit his stride yet. The concert dates were April 29 and 30, 1966 and featured Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver, Lightning Hopkins, and the Jaywalkers.

Am I the only one seeing a transportation theme goin’ on here? Michelin man pile of tires… car. Jefferson Airplane… well, airplane. Quicksilver Messenger Service… bicycles, cars. Okay, Lightning Hopkins not so much, but the name is evocative of movement… I’ll work on it. And Jaywalkers… you know, feet, walking, just not where ‘they’ want you to. And we’ve all done it, right? Whoa, there, smarty-pants… maybe you haven’t. Did you know there’s a dance called The Jaywalk? Check it out and see if you’ve got the moves. If you have trouble loading this, just go to YouTube and type in Jaywalk dance.

Now, if you’re not crossin’ the street mid-block, doin’ this, THAT’S the misdemeanor…

Jaywalkers -

Lightning Hopkins -


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Link works .... Oh yeah.
And those lyrics are great. Thanks!


Just beware of the flying alligators.


I Wrote the Gettysburg Address on a frosted flake once, but never any lyrics on a fly. I guess Florida flies must be a lot larger than Arizona flies. Well duhhhh... of course Florida flies are big, how else could they protect themselves from alligators? What was I thinking?


That's good... you couldn't have come up with that on the fly.


"White Rabbit" sounds like the perfect song for the oil tankers that enjoy being kidnapped by Somali pirates in the Strait of Hormuz*

"One skiff makes you a target
And one skiff wants to brawl
And the one that's hunting mermaids
Has Farrah pics on the wall

Go ask Alice
She's in the third stall

And if you go chasing tankers
And you know you're going to fail
Tell 'em a hookah, smoking caterpillar
Has put Nessie on your trail

Call Alice
She likes smoked snails

When men on the third deck
Get up and tell you where to go
But they don't know your constipated
And your bowels are movin' slow

Go ask Alice
Spam takes it's toll

When eyebrows and your dimples have fallen from your face
And the night light is hiding goblins
But you know they're under your bed
Remember what the canned meat said

Feed your head
Eat Spam spread"

This has been a paid political advertisement for Spam... and I approve this message


I've seen that commercial - the song, so dark, seems like an odd choice to advertise a cruise...


Thanks for letting me know. I have trouble sometimes accessing someone else's post, and now and then mine don't work... don't know if it's YouTube or my computer...


Speaking of transportation and such, have you seen the TV commercial for Carnival Cruises ... with a sound track of White Rabbit? Even though I was never the biggest JA fan, it made me sad.

That link for Lightnin' doesn't seem to work?


I suspect when they landed on the moon, JA was being piped in... not to denigrate their talent, but for god's sake, take a night off... I hope your hip heals and you Find Your Way Back to my posters, but I know it would take Miracles...

By the way, decaf is the very definition of sadism...


I'm gonna have to come back later. I'm exhausted... and I have one dislocated hip after watching your 'jaywalking' video. I think we have just seen a sadistic side of mpp that she has kept hidden from us... it's like some days mpp brews a sadistic cup of decaf coffee with a with a healthy dose of Jefferson Airplane and shares it with all of us. I like my coffee strong, but not so strong that it can bench press 325 pounds.

Maybe it is just me... maybe I am just overdosing on Jefferson Airplane. Maybe I should Volunteers, grab my Surrealistic Pillow and try Bathing at Baxters. Maybe I will win a prize... like a Crown of Creation or something.

Oh... good news. I see JA will only be appearing Friday night, which means I can go Saturday and still enjoy some Fresh Air with Quicksliver Messenger Service. I'll tell Dr. Emmett Brown to warm up his DeLorean so he can take me to the concert


Lightning Hopkins evokes visions of moonshiners hauling their white lightning.

So I would say yep, transportation special.