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End of Winter Quilt

64 pieces
235 solves
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Edie, as far as I can tell, in the past few hours you've gotten 1 top spot and a whole bunch of placements on the leader board. You're on fire! :-)


Still going back through your old puzzles, sometimes it's hard to get on the board after so many solves.
I really enjoyed the last two and did manage the board on both of them. Thanks Wendy


Mandy, I really like the colors too. Usually that much purple and dark green would be too dark, but for some odd reason, it's bright enough anyway. I'm delighted you enjoyed it. :-)

PJ, keep that in mind in the future. LOL


Thanks Wendy - it's fine to get things in perspective :-)


I love the colours in this Wendy, specially that dark blue-purple background!! The flowers are also pretty special... wonderful puzzle, thanks :~)


PJ, it took me over 8 minutes to create this puzzle, so be happy that it only took you a short time. ;-)
I'm glad you liked it, of course. :-)


It took me nearly 8 minutes - but Wendy - this puzzle was so lovely. Loved the green colors and the cute flowers.


Mariasha, don't worry about it. I'll send you one so that you don't have to do any sewing. :-)

That would be a tough quilt to actually piece together! That being was fun to put together as a puzzle! Thanks Wendy.


Laughing, Magda! I hope you noticed that the colors were part of the color 'wheel' I posted yesterday. I knew it would be of help today. ;-)


thank you wendy for this lovely quilt design, albeit winter colors. Was a good exercise for my sense of colors-