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The little ones all love the Easter Bunny

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Michelle, thanks for pointing out the teacup to giant, I never made the cconnection.

Rockys, I agree, most animals are very clean, it is up to the owners to help them stay clean. We always have animals and most are smart and clean, as you say.

Monica, two of my grandsons are here for the rest of the week, they are excited for easter. Grandkids make the holidays special!
Jacques, happy you found this cute duo and enjoyed.

To all, I hope your Easter week is a great one.


real cute!


They sure do, my 3 year old grandson is just learning about the Easter bunny and is totally into it! We had his very first Easter egg hunt a little early this year, here at our house and at first he didn't know what he was supposed to do but once he caught onto it he went at it full speed ahead and found all 42 eggs by himself! I was never so proud of him! Great pic Kathy, thanks so much!


I raised pigs several years ago...from breeding, birthing (farrowing) to market. They're very clean and smart. Always loved to cuddle the babies. They're so soft and sweet. This big bunny is special, too.


This little teacup piggie went to ....a flemish giant! What a lovely, sweet pic to share with us today, pnb!


Small package, LOL, thanks for the post.


Here's another.....awwww! So sweet!


Francine and Cindy, glad you enjoyed and were thoughtful enough to leave a nice note.


how cute! thanks


Another awww! :)) Amazing how small a piglet can be. Thanks pinknblack.


Hi, Laura Jane, glad these two gave you an Awww!

laurajane sweet!


Petsmom and Josie, there are so many talented artists and photographers out there, it is so wonderful to have a place like Jigidi where we can share some of it. Hope you Easter week is a good one.


He is precious, thank you for the itty bitty piggy.