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A Bit Of Cheer For Anyone Who Needs It

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Thanks, Sissel. I'm so happy you liked them. How are you doing? Are you feeling well? ..............


Beautiful Ann - thanks for sharing your flowers :-)


Elfie, your comment brought wonders to MY face & mind~~~& made me smile! Thank you SO much and I'm happy they made you smile. : ) .............

Ank, our blossoms are slowing down now but here there is always SOMEthing blooming. I'm sending you the wonderful smell of these roses over the internet~~enjoy!...............

Robbie, Thanks for coming by. As I told Ank, we always have something in bloom but we can't compare to all the year-round profusion you lucky folks have. Hope the next storm does no damage..............

Mimi!! How are you?? I hope you are doing well. Glad you liked the little bouquet. I hope we do get a bit of rain~~we could use some. Thanks for "Stopping to smell the roses." ;-) ................

David, SO good to hear from you! I have been doing a few of your puzzles & enjoying them. I have a favor to ask: tomorrow I will post a puzzle of some pretty little tiny wildflowers. Since you are our Jigidi 'Go-to Guy' for answers to all things botanical, maybe you know what they are. They are very common & spring up in the grass all the time. And wildflowers or not, I think they are so pretty & always enjoy them. They are also the favorites of children picking bouquets for the grownups. At least around here. :-))
Where are you now? Back up North? I'm so glad you enjoyed the little gift, and they do smell wonderful!.................


Thank you, dear! Lovely thoughtful gift. I can smell them from far away...


Ann, these are truly lovely, thanks! Oh, by the way it poured rain here today - so watch out!


They are all little beauties AJ, so nice to see them this time of year. We are having mild weather right now so things are blooming, just waiting for the next gale! Thanks.


Aww love them, so beautiful. Pity you can't post the smell. lol. It must be great to have such flowers in your garden in this time of the year. Thanks Ann.


You simply can't help smiling when you see them!! They work wonders to your face - and mind!! Thanks so very much Ann!!


Hello, All. I will thank all of you as one, otherwise I would have no time to work a puzzle! :-}
Each of you have said such nice things, and I thank you sincerely. I hope these pretty little rose blossoms have done what I intended and that was to bring a little spot of cheer to any who might need it. I hate to cut flowers & seldom do. I enjoyed them outside & then felt a bit selfish--they gave me such pleasure--for keeping them to myself. After I had cut them and photo'd them I got a surprise: in giving them to all of you, they were also given back to me to enjoy again in my office. I'm so glad they brought pleasure to all of you..................


Very colorful and I can almost smell a fragrance. Thanks Ann


A breath of summer. Thank you, annjax.


Thanks annjax - such delicate colours.

Thank you, annjax. It is very nice.


Such a pretty puzzle annjax.


Thanks annjax for the cheer. Always can use that...


Thank you for the bit of cheer annjax. They are beautiful.



These were cut today from my garden of mini roses. All came from the same plant except the yellow one. They smell so heavenly--just like Summer. For anyone who needs it, just think of the smell of roses in the Summer. Enjoy................