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Hi dear, Mandy! I woke up a short while ago thinking, when I saw the clock that it was 6 in the morning. It turns out that it is 6 at night! Anyway, I saw your new emails and will respond in about two hours. I'm waaaaaaaay behind! On another note, I'm so glad that you're enjoying solving my puzzles, my dear. :-)


Wendy I spent a wonderful afternoon solving some of the puzzles in my bookmarks folder, many of which were yours. For the sake of your hand I haven't left comments on any of them... except this one, and here I will just say that your puzzles are truly wonderful, and I always enjoy solving them, and although I've still got lots in my bookmarks folder I hope you will continue to expand your repertoire for the delectation and delight of all your puzzle solvers.... and ME!!!! :~))))


Mr., I can't post them. I have to be at least halfway satisfied and I wasn't. :-(

Thank you, Katie. This composition fell into place. I had made a bunch of kaleidoscopes, sliced them in half...and then 'threw' them on a blank canvas (in layers). Then I moved them around with the mouse and it only took seconds before I was happy....and figured that I wouldn't mess anymore with them because I was in a rush to finish up.

Oh, Mary....I can't! But I'm so glad that you still love solving the ones you do....even if it doesn't take you to Bonga-Bonga Land.


Mr. B. is right. Publish and be damned. You'll probably find we love the ones you don't think are good! We love your puzzles and solve all you post every day! 6:48 Thanks, Wendy!


Excellent composition Wendy!


Ah, that's a shame........couldn't you just 'publish and be damned'?........(I'd probably like them. because my favourites of yours are the 3D type ones that go on and on into infinity).......anyway, "c'est la vie" as they say somewhere......


LOL! Mr. Bugosi, I removed that title from the other puzzle....but not because of what you said.
On a side note, I have fretted over the puzzle I was going to create for you (the Bonga-Bonga Park)...until I couldn't stand the fretting anymore. I've decided that I can't promise people puzzles because I get too stressed out wanting to make something perfect. As it is, I made a bunch of puzzles for you...but wasn't satisfied with any of them. So if I was going to call anything "shelved" it would have to be those puzzles. On a side note, you continue to be too cute for your own good.


You could also call this - "Watermelon on shelves".......(just an idea).....


PJ, I made a bunch of variations of this because I think it's way maybe I will post more in the future. I just finished this before I posted the puzzles today.


Wendy - a lovely and fun variant, do you have more to come?