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Kaleido in Blue.....

36 pieces
53 solves
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Thanks, good buddy.... Your comment knocked me for a six.... 'Breathtaking' is good... Gets a big smile here.... Thank you so much.... :) :)


Oooooh, yes!! Sometimes brilliance and beauty cannot be described! Breathtaking, dear one. Thanks!!!


Thanks, Sally, ma'am! I'll have to try to see what I can do. I just did a whole whack more "longhand' today...but I've written out my own instructions to follow (the only ones I could find were for CS6 so I had to fiddle around and adapt) so at least that's easier. I was frustrated to know that you can record all your own actions in that version but, at that price, I guess you should be able to! ;-D


Oh dear, Michelle... I don't know what to say I've never done a Kaleido in 'long hand'..... Joking aside, that's impressive... For filters you could try looking on Google for free Kaleidoscope filters that work with Elements.... Or start with an image in one of the free online site, like Pixlr or Lunapic or Sumopaint.... Then export it (or sometimes you can drag and drop it) into Elements and have a play.... :) :)


er...kaleido filter? I'm doing mine "long hand"... but I'm such a newbie that I don't know what I'm doing here...


Thanks, Shirley.... Chrissie says it's one of her favourites for the same reasons.... She also says the thumb nail doesn't really show the depth of it.... Me, I just like it.... :) :)


riveroad, you do express a lot with one word... I thank you.... :) :)


Thanks Kirsten... Layers and beveling do make a difference with the puffy and 3D... I am extremely partial to the 3D effect... Like no one can tell.... LOL I was 'Wuthering' if it might have that dark and broody effect.... :) :)


Thanks Snooker, that's what I liked about it too... :) :)


THANK YOU, Michelle... I'm umbled by your homage and honored by your comment... The Oh Master says.... Well it's like this.... You spend a week or two searching the web for free images, discarding most of them... After finding one you like, you play with the colors, rotate the image till it appears to be aesthetically pleasing... You try several filters, sometimes even 2 Or 3 dozen... After long debate you take your favorite result... Tweak the color some more, play with the contrast, add some extra layers... Give it a bevel or two or six and run it through a kaleidoscope filter... Maybe two kaleidoscope filters... Or not...

Actually, I go the easy way... I bevel the heck out of an image created in Elements 9 - Run it through a Kaleido filter and pick my favorite one..... Easy peasy... :) :) :)


Love this gorgeous blue colour, beautiful kaleido, reminds me of pretty beading, a jewel Sally, Thank you. :):)


exceptional :)


Oh, my Sally!!! I find images of fractals and kaleido them. But you MAKE the fractal and then kaleido it. This is amazing!! I love how puffy and 3D it is. And the colours are fantastic. All dark and brooding. Perhaps this is a kaleido of Mr Darcy! No wonder I like it. Thanks so much. :)))

It just glows! Lovely.


OH, I LOVE THIS!!!! The colours are all my favourites and the pillowy! I am bowing in homage...Oh Master, how on earth do you achieve this?