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Hilda. "Oh No!"

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@AM1912. Thanks for your very kind words. As from tomorrow I will remove Nana1932 from the list and add AM1912. I will keep posting "our" lass! Happy New Year, and a kind wish. Paddy

Paddy, I have lost my old name I posted under previousy (Nana1932) so am now posting under my my mother's name and birthdate as you can see above. :-)

Paddy, I never comment on puzzles anymore since my my typing skills aren't what they used to be; but I had to put my two cents worth to to TPTB and your fight to keep your puzzles just the way you meant them to be posted! I definitely love Hilda and wouldn't change a thing about her. She is the funniest and most down to earth puzzle that has ever been on Jigidi1 I am 86 years old
and look forward each day to see what Hilda has been up to. She beings such joy to my days; so keep doing just what you have been doing and keep your followers happy by bringing so much joy to our lives1 My best to you and yours there in NZ. Nana1932.


@thebeav56. Linda, thank you so much! I will keep going!


@PaddyNZ ... Believe me when I say, "this site is worth it!"... Keep fighting the, "powers that be", for Hilda and for her puzzles. I don't think you realize all the pleasure your posts provide for people like me. I'm 80 and don't get around like I used to, so I have a lot of time on my hands, and if I didn't have Hilda to keep me company and amuse me, I don't know what I'd do. So please, keep up the good fight, and when you get weary, just remember you are fighting for thebeav, and countless others who are counting on you. Good luck, and have a wonderful day, Paddy.... thebeav


She does brighten my day, which is the reason I like her.


@FreddeFreeloader. TPTB very kindly removed the filter after I wrote to them. I am a little depressed that people feel the need to complain about a drawing that is intended to amuse and provide a chuckle.


I don't want you and Hilda to have to go back to square one. Oh dear.


@FreddeFreeloader. Not least of which is that this puzzle since being published has been filtered due to complaints....I really am beginning to wonder if this site is worth it!


Hilda's having some challenges today.


The Phone rings


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