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Monday Flowers

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Mary, some of my flowers really do look just as much like wheels as flowers so I'll allow you to call them wheels with no argument. ;-)

whatnauts, what can I say other than thank you. :-)


Well, I believe I've referred to your flowers as bouquets before, and this is, indeed, a lovely bouquet.


You call them flowers, I call them beautiful wheels! LOL Loved it! 5:12 Thanks, Wendy!


Ardy and Jan, I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one. It's bright and cheery!
And Ardy, it's wonderful to see that you finally got an avatar! I can finally spot you easily. ;-)
I just got up from a long nap, so I have to respond to the comments first, and then I'll see if you've posted some puzzles yet. :-)


Fun colors, love the design and the puzzle. t I kept losing my way several times - but I had great fun finding my way out (no search party needed!)


Lovely flowers, Wendy. I say keep these seeds!! Thanks for the whole bouquet.


I was going to call this "Monday Bouquet" but because I usually just call them "Flowers" I figured I wouldn't stray. This really was the very first time I felt like calling them a bouquet though.


And a bright, sunny bouquet they are, too! Thanks, Wendy!