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OK, Ms. JJ, Believe it or not, I am glad to read your comment. You might call it a little test that I wanted to give you, to see if you were the woman that I think you are. :-) Thank you for being a grown up, mature woman with good common sense and not willing to take foolish risks. If you would have responded any differently I think my interest level in you would have dropped sharply. You are A- Okay in my book. And I think it is a very nice thing that we can just keep on getting to know each other in a very relaxed manner, don't you?


Here's what I really think about flying out to California to meet you, a man that I don't really even know that well. NO WAY! No can do! Absolutely not! There.... is that direct enough? Sorry.


I appreciate the plea for Moi! However, we are not allowed to take ANY time off work - vacation time- until the day after Valentines Day. And my birthday is 2/22 and usually get taken out to dinner by family or at least go for cake and ice cream! And since I only allow myself to eat a piece of cake four times I don't want to miss out on my cake date! You understand....


I sure wish I could talk you into coming out to LA for a visit, Janet Jane. Bring your camera, of course. I would love to show you around. You probably think that I am kidding, but I am serious. The thought of you back there in Illinois so sad and unhappy is just about more than I can bear. I will even fly your cat here if you would like me to! What an deal, huh? And It is about time that you come out here! See, how I am commenting on your puzzle now. It is all about time!


That is a nice clock.


and every single tear
it must have well run dry