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Kaleido Bursts and Rectangles: Small

36 pieces
160 solves
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I created all the images in this puzzle.


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Oooh, look at me nipping at your heels!! LOL. You know Gail, I love that you are doing so many different kaleidos styles. I think it's great that you are making some unique styles your own. And that you mix it up, and give a little to everyone, so no matter what we prefer, we'll find it at your place. So I say, trust in your feel for what you enjoy doing. I think that's what you've been doing so far, and look how well it's going!! Congrats, my friend. :)))


Thank you for your input, Ardy and Katie. I agree with you, Ardy, but I have so many different kinds of kaleidos, I'll probably vary the 9 squares, too.


This is just fabulous Gail! I'm with Jan and roerick - keep 'em coming!!!


I know lots of solvers really like this type. For myself I prefer the previous one. It takes all kinds. Thanks for this, Gail. It's really very nice. I recognize ones I've solved before and it's fun seeing them again.


Thank you for your kind compliment, Roerick. I really enjoy making the kaleidoscopes and love putting them together like this. It's especially gratifying when people like you take the time to comment. Enjoy your day. What were you doing up at 4 in the morning anyway?


Love seeing all of the different puzzles you've posted and we've solved together in one place. You are really talented. Keep them coming.


Thanks, Jan. Tomorrow is yet a different variety. I'm having so much fun with this!


Gail - another winner! Keep 'em coming!!!! Thanks so much!


Thanks, Sue. I'm glad you liked it. Yesterday was the first time I posted a 9 square puzzle. It was traditional kaleidoscopes. Tomorrow I'm posting yet a different variation.


Absolutely great, Gail. Loved it. 1:334