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Roses are Red....
Violets are Blue....
Have fun on your Birthday...
{{Hugs}}...From you know who.... ♥♥♥

Be careful blowing out the candles...
When you have to blow out that many,
it can have dangerous side effects.... :):)))))


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It seems you're right, we are indeed having a ball.... :) You're not late, your nearly a year early.... Don't let any grass grown under your feet, do you.... Chrissie got an Easy Bake Oven for her birthday... Oops, wait, no... Its really a convection oven for baking Polymer clay... She's claying really gorgeous pieces.. So good to see you here sweet pea.... Are you allowed up a little yet from your flattened position?? We're in the packing and 'try not to forget anything' mode.... But in the back of our flurried minds is 2015 and another road trip.... You behave, please.... Sending you a plethora of hugs from us both.... {{Hugs, Hugs, Hugs}}..... (◕‿◕)


My two friends are having a ball, it seems. Sally, the card is wonderful and is a nice tribute to the Fox we all love so. Chrissie, I'm late as usual, but I sure hope your special day was good and all the days after and in the future and even the present keep you happy, healthy, and wise. You certainly are a treasure! Big hugs coming your way to both of you.


Great thing to do Sally, and ( a little bit to late) Happy birthday to Chrissie,


Happy Birthday dear Chrissie with love from me ! ✼✼ ツ✼✼

Holy mac Sally ~ I've never seen so many foxes all together in one place and all beauties too !!!


What you say is true, Mimi dearest! Happily the love outweighs the sassiness :-) I am having a most wonderful birthday!


Foxy you have some very sassy friends - loving, but definitely sassy! Hope you have a wonderful birthday, a very Merry Christmas and a super New Year! Hugs!


Thanks, Carol, my little Sweet Spuddie :-) I'm having a lovely birthday!


Fantastic card, Sally! I bet it took some doing to sneak the creation of it past the sly one!!
Happy birthday, Chrissie! I hope it's the best ever. :-)


LOL... love how you made the face! Thanks again, Joyce :-)


Very nice card Sally...thanks!! :)))

‹(•¿•)› ...Happy Happy Birthday to YOU Dear Chrissie... ‹(•¿•)›


Nothing at all, Ms Jill - it has it all :-)

Can't keep the PFC down! Thanks, Gail :-)

Thank you too, Shirley. Wasn't our Sally extra kind making the cake! Hope she saves some for me :-)


Happy Birthday Chrissie, so lovely of Sally to bake you a cake and create this equally yummy card, love the purple background, Thanks Sally. ♥♥♥


I see the PFC is out in force. Happy day, Chrissie, and a healthy and happy year ahead for you.


Love that subtle fox profile! What a nice card! What's not to love about it! Lol!


And as for the Peanut Gallery members marchon, snooker and Suzy... here, have a peanut! Bunch of clowns, that ye are :-)

Thanks, Francine and whattie too - sensible souls both :-) (maybe!)

Sue dearest, I didn't get the card and I haven't changed email addy in forever. I'll write to you with the best one to use. Thank you in any case for thinking of me. You're another treasure in my treasure chest of friends :-)

Thanks, Rob! Isn't that the sweetest pic? Love it! We'll be in Brissie briefly next month - we'll wave to you :-))


Thank you, Sally dearest! You snuck in the card without me seeing you make it... and I thought foxes were supposed to be the sly ones LOL. You're a treasure, BFF :-))


What a wonderful card :))) Happy Birthday Chrissie - I hope you take time out to smell the Daffodils :))))


Wonderful puzzle, Sally. Just the perfect combination of whimsy and purple. LOL


Chrissie darling, I have sent a Jacquie Lawson birthday card to you. I do hope it arrives. The email addy I have for you is quite old, I asked Sally for an update, but haven't heard from here. Have a wonderful birthday and may "your" year ahead be one of the bestest ever!!! Hugs. My birthday puzzle will be posted shortly.


Foxy, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an extra special year ahead!


Sally, I left you a message on your other puzzle.


Happy Birthday, Chrissie. ♥


Eat, drink and be merry, Foxy! Happy day to you!!!

And a tank of oxygen in case you get winded. Have a good one, Foxy. :)


Fire Brigade at the ready :)