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The Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

88 pieces
101 solves
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Another inexpensive little getaway on the other side of the globe.


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Yes. I thought the same, Dris.


BTW, looking at this further, this has that same "feel" to it as my Troy Savings Bank Music Hall puzzle. Is it a modified photo or a computer generated graphic or ...? Something does quite seem real.


Jeez, it wasn't until I finished this puzzle that I finally realized that it was a swimming pool and NOT a really funky, shiny lobby floor. With the reflections and lighting, it was rather disorienting, but still fun to do. This was definitely a treasure hunt - finish the puzzle to find out what it was! Ha! I wonder how long they had to keep people out of it in order to get that perfect glass surface on the pool? Lots of interesting colors here. Good one, thanks Pat!