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Felted bag triangular collage: Small

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I created these images.


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Thanks, Wendy.


Gail, all I can say is that you really have a knack with creating these. I love the color combinations and patterns you've created and then chosen to post.


Thanks, Gail, it's lovely! :-)


Barb, here's a link to a similar purse. It's not the same colors and the button is different. But the style is the same.


Thank you, Kirsten. If these patterns can tempt you to buy something you don't need, that's quite a success! LOL. I think the fluffy look comes from the knitting of the bag.

Roerick, gray would be a nice complimentary color for these. And with a tall, dark handsome man? Well.... I think you're describing my husband, or at least what he used to be except for the tall. Now he's a medium height, dark with distinguished looking white hair, handsome man. LOL.

I'm so glad you like these triangular patterns, Wendy. I had made some, but as singles they weren't much of a hit. When Kirsten directed me to a collage making site, I realized I could make "quilts" like Jill did when I first started on Jigidi. She's the one whose puzzles really made me want to make collages. I do have another set loaded ready to publish, but I can't make triangular patterns on my Mac laptop. I have to upgrade for a cost to do that, and at this point I don't want to do that. But when I'm home on my PC, I make lots of them.

Barb, the bag was knit out of wool to be about triple the size wanted and then felted in the washing machine with hot water. I made one similar to the one this started from for my daughter for Christmas. I don't have the original on this computer. I'll see if I can find an image of one and post it in a private puzzle for you.


Wonderful puzzle, Gail, and it's amazing what great gifts one can make using felt. :-)


Gail, you are creating one beautiful puzzle after the other lately! I especially love what you're doing with the triangular patterns.


I think these would all make great ties. I could see all of them with a beautiful gray suit on a tall, dark handsome man. Thanks for the great dream for tonight.


I mean this with complete love, Gail, but these ones remind me of the nicest flannelette fabric you could ever see. They look all fluffy, warm and cosy!! I'm not into jammies, but if they were made from these fabrics, they could definitely tempt me!! Thanks very much Gail. :)))