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To our loved east coast: wishing you all peace within

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Thank you, Pat.


My heart goes out for all the people involved in this. Such a tragic and sad time.


I agree, RH -- I don't think they overestimated the seriousness of this storm. Hoping for the best for all.


Good to hear, about your daughter.

I have a niece in Maryland, but I don't think her area was hit very hard. My husband has a friend from high school in New Jersey and I am concerned about them. They could see the smoke and flames from the twin towers on 9-11 from where they live. I suspect it won't be in the next two days or so for water and power, probably closer to a week for some areas. But some areas are so devastated that they need to be rebuilt. My daughter thought they were over stressing this one, but I wasn't so sure. The warnings were merited and most heeded them.


Thank you, Roseheather. Although my daughter got married in the D.C. area, she and her husband live in Wisconsin. He just had lots of relatives out there. Thank you for your concern. I have a friend in New Jersey who just e-mailed me that she has been home for 3 days so far, and the destruction in the state is incredible. I sure hope they are able to get water and power under control quickly.


I recall that you went to the East for your daughter's wedding. Hope all is well in her area.

The devastation in parts of the East are almost unfathomable. For NYC to have a storm surge of 13 feet, and that has never happened before, is mind boggling. The pictures from there and New Jersey are heartbreaking


Thank you so much, everyone.


Yes, pg, I understand that (and that they swear a lifetime of abstinence, etc.) but when their Commander in Chief is telling everyone to evacuate, hunker down, consider the lives of potential rescuers, etc., they also need to be realistic. My father was awarded the British Empire Medal (which is the non-commisioned officers OBE) and was honour through and through but would never have risked the lives of men unnecessarily...that's what I'm "feeling" even if I'm not saying it very well...I want to see those men of honour around for many years to come.


I concur with all good wishes.
Thanks Patti. You're not only a great photographer you're also a great woman. Hugs for you.


Best wishes to everyone in the path of the storm.
Gemstone the guards do not want to come inside they request to be on duty during these times. They feel it is an honor to be a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown.


Best wishes and many prayers sent to our East Coast Jigidi buds! God bless and keep you. Thanks, PLG!


Thank you all so much.




I ditto pumpkin's sentiments. Thank you Patti for this.


Peace within and safety without. And I certainly hope they order those guards at Arlington inside!


not alone on the east coast, but wishing peace at the whole world, and we gonna need it, believe me!!
great shot Patti


A puzzle of good are quite special, Patti. I know there must be many jigidi players who are in the path of this storm, whom we don't really know. All of us hope the best for them.


Perfect puzzle for the sentiment, my prayers are sent also.


Yes, a nice puzzle PLG. My prayers to them.


What I nice puzzle you have made PLG. I send prayers for them.