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Happy Valentine's Day! - 2

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Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day - Just have a great day!!!
See you on Saturday! Jan


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Hi, Jan... I popped over to an older puzzle to ask you if I can be so bold to offer some beginner's advice (and I still very much am!). Your comment about not knowing what you did sounds so much like me during the first month of playing. Click, click, click! Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended. You probably know most of this already but if anything helps...:

I now keep my working paintings/pictures in the layers and save as such (as .psd) and rename each layer with the effects that I did to get that effect. (I copy each layer before I work on a new effect.) I also sometimes add a text box between layer copies with details of the effects, especially when they are complicated and I am using an add-on to which I have done customized effects. You won't see this on the image that you pull up from the photo bin and you can turn the layer eye off, in any case.

When I get to the final, I do not flatten the image but create a new blank image of the same size and pull the completed image up from the photo bin at the bottom. It took me a while to find this since our newest version of Elements is configured with the tool options at the bottom. Once you click on the photo bin, you see all the photos that you are working on and the current one is marked. Just drag and drop into your new canvas.

This is where I make my framing too, since I can resize the canvas here too. In fact, I usually save the framing as separate layers now too and pull up the final framed into ANOTHER new file, if I want to reuse the frame but want to see how it looks with the painting or to pull inspiration or colour from the painting. (I can always delete the layer with the painting in it and save the frame separately, as .psd layers, to allow me to make further changes when and if.) Only when I am happy with the final do I flatten the image to save as a jpeg.

Chrissie taught me that I had to think really big in terms of resolution and sizing. It made a big difference in my puzzles. She recommended 72dpi for on-screen only (I'm used to print and working in higher resolutions) and to use a minimum of 2400 pixels (which is huge but it works). To get the maximum number of Jigidi puzzles pieces, a 2:3 ratio of 2400px x 3200px is optimal. Mine vary depending upon whether my subject is rectangular or square but my width is now never less than 2400px. I resize the image before I do any work on it. My framed pieces end up being larger and then I resize them down to the 2400px width (with constrained proportions). Needless to say, I pull these off the pc and store in a flashdrive. No point in taking up all the space here!

If all of this is redundant, I do apologize. I am enthusiastic in wanting to share since people have been so good with sharing techniques with me. ;-D

btw...I missed this first time around and wondered how I did! I love it!!!


Hester - you are over the top today! I'm blushing now, girl! And it takes a lot to make me blush! LOL Thank YOU so much!!


Jan, I don't know where you get your ideas from but please don't stop!! This is so imaginative and dramatic. I LOVE it! :-))


Thanks folks! I had a great day and hope all of yours were fun, too!

Robbie - I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much!

Roerick3 - Thanks. I thought it was an interesting take on the theme!

Jan - what on earth happened? I hope you're ok?.....


A little late, but thanks for the lacy heart. Wonderful. Yesterday was one of those days when everything went wrong.


Frilly, feathery, feminine and black. Very, very interesting and suggestive. Hope your day lived up to this Valentine and you had a wonderful day.


Wow, you sure made a statement here JB, terrific, thanks very much and hope you enjoyed your day.


Always aiming at alliteration! :~)


Mandy - So sweet AND alliterative! LOVE it! Thanks so much! Happy V-Day!


Katie had the word I was looking for, if only I'd read the comments first... but I would combine it with delicate!! I love the twiddly bits around the edges of the black... making this a bit of black magic... dark, dramatic and delicate!! Thanks Jan, and have a great Valentine's Day :~)


Thanks Ardy and Katie! Thanks also for all your supportive comments! I really appreciate them!! :D


This is so dramatic - I love it! Thanks Jan!


Heart-felt thanks for all you do, dear friend.


Thanks so much, Chickie! You have a great day, too!


Happy Valentine's Day Jan!!!