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Bad Hair Day

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287 solves
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LOL Kathy - that's how I came up with the title!! So glad you enjoyed it, thanks :~)


Forgot to say thank you for a wonderful puzzle and also a smile :-)))))))))


Makes me think I am looking in the mirror LOL LOL LOL


yukity - how lovely to see you visiting, thanks for letting me know you found this puzzle beautiful :~)

Beautiful puzzle! Thank you so much.


LOL - Barb, I'm chuckling at your comment, and so glad you felt that it was worth coming back for!!!


Missed doing this one earlier then remembered to go back to it, and it was worth it. Lots of fun and lots of crazy hair. Thanks, Mandy! :-)


So glad you had fun with the puzzle Jan, you obviously also have fun with your hair!!

Thanks Willy, so glad you let me know you liked this :~)


Fun puzzle; looks like colored waves in the hair, brightfull colors, thank you Mandy,
Willy. :-)


FUN puzzle solve and to enjoy looking at. This is one of my favorites. LOVED it, Mandy.
As to hair - It's been mousy, brown, blonde, red and blonde again. That's the long and the short of it. I've loved them all, even the blonde afro in the 70s!! Thanks for the memories.


I always wanted straight and blonde hair Magda... and my daughter who has light brown curly hair has died her hair black and straightens it every day with electric straighteners!! As you say we all want what we don't have!! Thanks for visiting :~)


The old problem. I have streight, thin , blond (now white) hair, and always wanted black and curly ones. Always what you dont have! Thanks for the lovely puzzle


Thanks Patrizia - welcome to Jigidi, I hope you'll have loads of fun and meet many wonderful people, I know I have ;~)

Thanks Edie, even my curly hair never looked quite like this.... but there's always time!!

Thanks PJ - I always wanted straight hair!! My curly hair always feels messy!!


Mandy - great idea and such a fun puzzle. I'd like curly hair - but maybe not the ones here :-)))


This was great fun Mandy. My hair is too straight to ever look like this but back in the 80's when I used to get perms it may have. Thanks

Fun puzzle. Love the title.