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Snow - Garden Jan 2013 no.1 Resized

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Snow on the Laurels, Holly Bush, and Yew Tree in my Back Garden.


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Thanks Faye - I got it and answered. It does sound very interesting - perhaps I'll look into it. Hope you're keeping warm - we have had snow today here in Buckingham, England. I don't think I'll be taking my usual swim this afternoon, eventhough it's in an indoor pool lol!


I left you a note on Healer's site...Rocky and the orb. :D


A beautiful covering on the greenery, Nicky. Thank you!


Thanx texasstar. Well, robryna, this snow stuff is strange! When it actually snows, it's not that cold, its afterwards when it freezes that it feels really cold and causes problems underfoot and on the roads. We have a saying here that it can be too cold for snow, but I'm not sure how that works cos it's mighty cold in the Arctic and antarctic but it still snows there lol! I didn't go far when it was snowy here - only went out to the garden to feed the birds!


That's a cold looking garden Nicky!! We have it on 30C today & sunny!! Not sure how I'd go in weather this cold!!


Just as beautiful second (or third) time around, Nicky. I love it. Thanks.


Thanks Sandy. You too when it's your time!


Well, I guess so! Sweet dreams.


Thanks Sandy. It's 3.30am here, so guess I ought to head up to bed for some shut-eye!


Wow Nicky! Very pretty!