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Good Morning Thought

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My evening view .... We have a storm coming in ...10/21/2013 at 6:00 PM


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Good evening everyone. Jan - Gracie - Janine - Beekay - Sis. It is unbelieveable... Thanks for all the great comments..


Good afternoon dear sis. I love the view again. Have a great day. (I'm tired - worked too hard outside all day) Hugs


One of these days I hope to explore some of that coastline...beautiful morning Pat. Enjoy.

Always a great view at your house.......
I love the facts you find. Thanks dear one. hugs from Janine :-)))


Incredible!! great picture Pat


That is just plain unbelievable. More than half?
Good Morning, Pat!


Good morning Lucy .... They are .... They are... Thanks ...


Aren't these fascinating fact we find . Good morning Pat.


Good morning SandiT ... Alaska has always intrigued me ... Thanks for stopping in....


Great puzzle. I agree with Prue. If you ever have the chance, visit Alaska. It is a wonderful state, unlike any other. We loved it. I posted some Alaska puzzles earlier this year.


Good morning Ardy .... I think the storm passed us over (didn't hurt my feelings) or we have more coming .... We were watching the local weather last night and they were talking about the storms coming thru. I can always tell by the thickness of the clouds...

Proobear .. I'm a little dense this morning ...I thought you were talking about your area.... Good laugh for us both... Have a good night...


Sorry Pat, thought you lived there! Forget what I said about the dark. If you do get the chance to go, do it. Prue


Good morning, Pat. Lovely photo. Hope the storm wasn't too bad. Didn't know that about the coastline. Wonder who takes the time to figure such things out. Thanks. Hugs.


Good morning Lorna ... Great to see you .... Hugs

Good morning Katie ....You are up early...


Good morning Pat. Interesting fact about Alaska. Thanks! :>)


Good morning Pat. Nice photo!


Good morning Proobear ... I will check it out .... Always wanted to go to Alaska but never got the chance... Thanks for stopping in ....


Oh, Pat, how lovely. We had a wonderful time in Alaska - just loved it. Posted a puzzle from Alaska just before I saw yours. Getting ready for the dark? Prue