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Rounding Up The Brumbies In Fall

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This such a beautiful picture wish it was a painting I could hang on my wall. Love it chookies.


Magnificent picture chookies! l


LOL!! I hope it was only your pride that got wounded chookie :)))


I can hardly type through laughing at your comment, rob. I know exactly how you feel. When I was a teenager I was MADE to get on a horse and because I didn't want to look stupid in front of my friends, I sat on it. It lifted its head and snorted - then started to move - I screamed - it took off - AND I FELL OFF! Never again!


That's a fantastic photo chookie!
The last time I was on a horse was when I was about 15 - & my friend's brother kicked a football (on purpose - nasty little brother!!) that landed right in front of my horse - and spooked it! I ended up having to aim it for a high gate to pull it up - and I swore never to ride again!!! And I haven't!!!


You're welcome, Floyd. Nice to see you.


Beautiful picture Chookies.


Do I want to go riding, Beekay? NO WAY, I'm frightened of horses, they frighten the daylights out of me.

But madhat, punkin and Pat might like to go riding with you!! I'll be happy to watch you all ride into the sunset!


Love it Chookies! Thank you!


Fantastic image Chookies. Do you want to go riding?


What an exhilarating experience that must be! sorry about your accident while riding!


Now there is a bucket list item for me. I'd love to go along on one of those roundups. Thanks for sharing.


I'm very sorry to hear that Nicky but I'm glad I bought back fond memories of something you were obviously very fond of doing. I'm glad you dropped by with your dream.

Nice to see you also marmar and workhorse58. Between Robbos and I, we made it happen, lady!!


As a child I read all the brumby books as I was mad on horses and they were my life until I had a riding accident which ruined my spine and left me with Scheuerman's disease in it. I always wanted to go on a brumby round up! This is a beautiful picture - thanks for posting and bringing back memories!


Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.


thank youuuuuuuu


chookies, you have fallen off the leaderboard from today's dyr :)))))

Beautiful horses and scenery. Thanks for sharing.