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♥ Sending a virtual rose to each of you! ♥


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Elated you made it SOON, Dee! ; )
Your reaction, Evelyn? I'm thinking/hoping you're...chiming in w/my furry friend (Dee) and me! ; ))


Here you go....right out of my hip pocket☺ with the finger snapping and clapping less clapping later in career.... enjoy the crowd... lots of them are now gone.... but ahhhh the memories.
hugs 2 u all .... enjoy


Hi yourself, Evelyn. I receive Net♥Hugs on a daily basis, as does Dee. Two days ago it was on there and it's now implanted in my ...brain. I now start and end my day with it! It's Ferlin Husky in his younger days -finger snapping/hand clapping! If/when Dee stops flitting around and gets back to acknowledge the cmts...I'm pretty sure she has the site in her hip pocket. ; )))) If might try Googling - just be sure it's the old rendition w/the Grand Ole Opry. You will LOVE IT, I'm sure! Nice running into ya, my friend♥


Don't want this to escape your...memory, my friend♥. ♫On the wings of a dove...♫ ; ))))))


TY ehes. Glad you enjoyed it... I sure have enjoyed many of your puzzles.


This is a beautiful image for Valentine's Day. Joy and peace to you Dee ♥♥♥


TY Lin.... I was hoping you would see this♥


MUCH too large for these aged eyes to even...think about, Dee. Just want to thank you and say how very. VERY lovely it be♥