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Origami Flowers! (medium)

81 pieces
169 solves
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Thanks, Kirsten. I liked these, too and you will see a similar one, soon! Thank you!


Sigh. So beautiful. I just adore this one, Jan. The colours and the designs are beautiful. Thanks very much. :)))


Thanks so much, Pat!


Love this size thanks Jan


Hanne - Thank YOU. I'm glad you liked it!

Mariasha - What wonderful compliments! I am smiling and grinning like a loon! How odd that must have been when you discovered the 2 middles! LOL
Thank you!

I thought these were absolutely stunning! Great colors, great designs, and fun to do...thanks so very much Jan. A funny (sort of) thing happened at the end, I thought I had finished, and yet the time kept ticking...when I moved the whole set, I had mixed up two middles!


Wonderful colours, Jan!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks so much Ardy and BillieR! These colors were awfully fun to work with. I'm glad you both enjoyed the kaleidos.

Ardy - WHEW! Thank goodness.

Your choice of colors and combinations was great, I always love aqua and salmon.


Thought I was really slow on this one, Jan, but I'm on the board, 4th from the bottom. Love the pastels. Each one is so lovely that I can't chose a favorite so I'll just take them all. Thanks, Jan.

My snow is gone. Northern Virginia got the wrost of the storm. Still lots of school closings and delays there. Lots of power outages there too.