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Thread count embroidery - Delft tiles 1 of 4

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This was supposed to be a bell pull. The designer who was redoing the bedroom suggested doing it horizontally to hang above the bed. Since each tile was square that was no problem. When it was completed she mounted it on velvet and hung it between two white decorative poles over the headboard.


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Thanks for the information. I did know it's Dutch, Ank. I have a few pieces in the house. The bedroom was being done in a light blue which was why this bell pull was chosen. I had started the first section when the designer saw it and made her suggestion. I had to take out what I had done so I could turn and make it horizontal rather than vertical. Thanks for coming by and for your comment.


Lovely Ardy. And a good idea of the designer to do it this way. I think you know, but just to be sure, Delfts blue is Dutch. Thanks, I go to # 2


Laurajane, there you are on top of the board. The only way this slowpoke gets there is to be the first solver. LOL Thanks for stopping by. And it's nice to get to know you. I'm in Maryland USA.


Thank YOU, Pat. Always nice to greet you. Glad you had fun.


Okay, thank you, Ardy. Nice to know you!


Very pretty .. Makes for a fun puzzle.. Thanks Ardy


Hanne, Delft is blue and white - not a great lot of contrast there. LOL Glad you got to see it.


The colours here are very interesting, Ardy, but they make fine images!! Thanks so very much!!


Thank you, Francine for stopping by with a comment. Didn't I just see you on Callie Lou's new profile? She is so cute. I was 1` second faster than you and it's my puzzle. which means you put up a good time.


Thanks Ardy. They're quite lovely. (3:31)


You are very welcome, Laurajane. I'm Ardy. Thanks for coming by.


Thank you for the embroidery, RL!


Jan, I'm confused. No,. not about Arlene. I read your comment to Barb. But I thought you had to be gone today. Whatever, thanks for coming by. When I saw you had visited Barb I thought you might have followed the link and I would find you here. I didn't think about blue being Barb's color. She had asked if I had any more embroidery to post. I remembered this one.


This is so beautiful. And it's blue for Barb! :)
Thanks, Arlene (LOL!!)


Least I could do to make up for my goof of the morning. And you were the one who asked for more of this. I have four more day's worth. By that time maybe I will have found the tablecloth. Thanks for coming by and leaving a star of my board.


Another lovely design by Clara Weaver, Ardy. Thanks so much for sending me the link. :-)