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A street in Kopparberg, Sweden. See comment please!

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Thanks so very much David, I'm very pleased that you like it!!


Thanks for another interesting place to live, Hanne!


Yes, the roof line gives a lot more room under the roof!! Thanks so very much Jan!!

Yes, Ank, they have got some similarities. Thanks so very much!!


Very nice Hanne, teh houses are not very different from Dutch houses in that time. I like this kind of photos.


They are very nice, Hanne! I especially like the roof line. Thanks for sharing this pretty street with us! :D


They are so cosy don't you think so?!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


I love the look of these older homes Hanne. Thanks.


You are SO right! My brother lived in a new built house where one of the walls simply fell out in a storm!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


How wonderful, sve76, it's a FINE area where we come very often. Mostly we go to Ekopark Malingsbo where you are allowed to stay on the resting places for 24 hours. But from there we drive in all directions and also to Hellefors!! So you live in one of those lovely houses at Norraelgen!! I envy you just a tiny little bit!! Thanks so very much for your comment!!


They built well then. Wish we today were more concerned with quality rather than quantity. Thanks, Hanne.

I know it well we have a house in Hälleforsat the lake Norrälgen


The red wooden houses in this street are more than 100 years old. They belong to a period where houses simply looked like that and were made like that.