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Growly having a breather after climbing Belfry tower

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30 solves
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Uh oh, I just left my reply to you on the wrong (right) puzzle. Here it is copied again-
"Hester, in case you miss my reply to you on the other puzzle, I had to come over here to thank you, for one....but then to also ask you why you leave Growly in such precarious positions. I magnified part of your photo to catch this..."

Hester, your husband has great taste! If I had Growly, I'd be taking him with me wherever I went too. In fact, I have my own adorable bear and puppy that I took with me everywhere when I hitchhiked across the US, but don't know where they are now.


I most certainly have, Ardy! And have you seen Growly's riposte? LOL


Have you seen Sir Growly of Paddington's coat of arms on T&F?


Ardy,thankyou so much for teaching me about bell ringing! Jigidy is such a great pool of shared knowledge and also such a fun way of learning! :-)

Wendy, he is a cutie! My husband bought him for me 23 years ago and he has travelled everywhere with us. Good job bear's years aren't like dog and cat years or he'd be a grey bear by now! I LOVE your puzzle! Thankyou so much! :-))


Oh, Hester, I LOVE this picture of Growly! I wish I'd seen it sooner.
I stole Growly yesterday.......


The weight of those bells means that the tower has to have really strong supports. That's tons of weight. The drums are fascinating. Remind me of player pianos. I've never seen them before. I'm familiar with ones where people standing in a circle actually pull the ropes and I've seen one (Bok Tower, Florida) where the bells are played from what looks like an organ console but actually has levers instead of keys that are pulled to activate the bell. Thanks for these pictures. I love the bells and find these tower bells fascinating.

You know that today's handbells were invented so that the people who pull the ropes could practice their sequences without disturbing the countryside. The ringers would sit in their circle and practice the changes. In the earlier days of bell ringing they did not play tunes on the bells. That's another mind boggling topic. I'd better stop before I bore you and Growly to tears.. I'll go check your night photo of the belfry.


And this is looking up into some of the 47 bells!


Hi Ardy! They were played on the keyboard. I took a picture of the drum to show you.
Did you check my night photo of the Belfry?


I'm curious. Were the bells played by pulling ropes and were they controlled from a keyboard type console? Do you know?


Ardy, I was thinking of you when I saw all those bells! There were rest stops on the different levels of the tower. One was the linen hall where the valuable cloth and also the city deeds were kept. Then there was the one where the crillon is played but we couldn't get in there as they were filming that day. It was a wonderful monument and well worth the climb :-)
And G did get a medicinal "nip"!

ps We were most honoured to be instrumental in tempting Magnus to join his happy band of solvers :-))


I've heard of bats in the belfry but never bears in the belfry. ( Sorry - couldn't resist. ) That's 360 steps too many fr me. Congratulations you. You still seem a little subdued after your false accusation experience. Nice to know you have such good friends in high places. But pat yourself on the back. You brought Magnus out into the light of day!!!!


366 - I'm sure I could only have done 363! You're a better woman (and bear) than I! But, think of how that added to your cultural experience (and tighter glutes!).
But, I want to say, Growly looks exhausted! I hope you had a wee sip from the flask for him!!


" It's not far, she said. Just 366 steps she said.The view will be worth it, she said. Enjoy the culture, she said. Culture, my furry a**! What's a bear want with culture?? Pass the hip flask, I feel faint! "