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Mark Adlington
Born 1965
Mark Adlington is a sculptor, painter and draughtsman of considerable ability. He has drawn
animals since he was a small boy and has developed a fluent style that captures the movement
and volume of animals in motion. His research has taken him from Spain to Gran Paradiso,
from Arabia to the coastline of the British Isles. His most recent travels have taken him to the
Arctic circle in search of polar bears, lovingly recorded, Mark captures the character of these
magnificent creatures. From cub to adult Mark traces the subtleties of the bear, at once
magnificent, endearing and at times fearsome. The beautiful rapid drawings and footage he
takes of his chosen subject are then taken into the studio and absorbed into his finished
paintings and large drawings.
Mark originally studied History of Art at the University of Edinburgh and
Italian at the Dante Alighieri School in Milan, before taking a BA in Fine Art at the City &
Guilds of London Art School. He lives and works in London and France.


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Thanks ElvisBanana I'm really pleased you are enjoying them.



This has been an outstanding series. I had planned to hold my comments until you had finished the series, but I realized I need to share this with someone. So please accept my heartfelt appreciation. I love "discovering" artists whose talent can move me. That is certainly true of Mr. Adlington.


I think you'll enjoy this entire series that Ray has published. The paintings are the work of Mark Adlington, whose biography is listed in the write-up for each puzzle. Ray is presenting this series in two sizes, so if you'd rather do the larger versions, they're available to be solved. Either way, click on Ray's name in the credits for the puzzle. It will take you to his home page and you can see all of the puzzles he's published.

Ray is the person who published works by Gene Brown. I think he has published them under this name, but he also uses "Foxy40", and I know he has published Gene's works under that name. He's a great Jigidi friend!


Thanks Aul for commenting.

Breathtaking cat......


Thanks megabelle2000.