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Original Title: For Kathy :-)


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I am so kind and you are so cute. ;-)


Thank you I received it you are so kind


I wanted to say it before but forgot, this is one of my favourites of yours and if you can please send it to me in an email I will have it printed out as a foto and hang on the wall.


Kathy, you might find this hard to believe, but I used to post on a political website where there were HUGE battles between people all the time, and a lot of us had our email addresses posted. Not even once, in the about 4 years that I posted there, did I ever get an email that bothered me. If anyone did email me, it was a friendly email. So I'm not worried about leaving mine up. And besides, I'd have to post a new response here to 'fit' your previous comment. Too much work! LOL ;-)


You stike me as a person that speaks her mind freely and I seriously doubt that you would let anyone take advantage of you. And I don't think that jangle was taking advantage of you either. I simply did not want to start a trend in that direction as things do like to snowball sometimes :-) I got your email address, so if you need to take it down...........


Kathy, before anything else, I just have to say that I don't feel like Jon (jangel) was taking advantage of me at all. But I do understand what you're saying. A few people have gone around copying other people's creations here, or have created something that's almost identical...and it really irks me and some of my friends.

Here's my email address-


Wendy, by all means I think you should sign your work. I got into the habit of signing my photos that I take because of copyright issues. In the photography realm, and I am sure many others, instances do arise where a copyright serves as a great purpose and is there to protect our rights. I have been fortunate enough to sell some of my photos and once sold, the copyright to them go with them.

You do beautiful work and you should have no reason or worries about signing it. I agree with your friends.

As for signing this piece, why yes, it is perfectly fine. It is your beautiful work of art so by all means you have every right, and in my honest opinion, I think that you should sign it. There might also be a market out there as I mentioned, and I would love to see you take advantage of it. I have done crafts all my life, and God has always blessed me when there was a need. We just have to do our part and use what He blesses us with. I learned quiet some time back that a lot of times we ask for things and often we unknowningly ask for the wrong things. I use to ask God to take a particular problem away and then one day I realized that wasn't going to happen and that I should have been asking Him to show me how to deal and live with the problem. It was at that time I began to see His hand move :-) Why I am saying all this, I really am not sure :-)

As for using your beautiful piece, I really would not feel comfortable doing so without in some way compensating you. I also don't want others to take advantage of your generousity.

I also think that you would do a fantastic job at drawing and painting on canvas!!! You definitely have the talent and the eye to do so!!!! I know you already have your hands full and that there are only so many hours in the day along with only so much energy. It is your peronal choice as to whether you would even want to give drawing a try. I really envy those who can paint and draw. I can draw, but only if I am looking at an outline of something. I will be content with that ability until maybe one day I can take art lessons LOL Don't see that happening anytime soon LOL

I think I have rambled enough LOL LOL LOL :-)


You have to be patient, Hester! :-)


( Jumping up and down in excitement! ) Lemme guess... A fish in a kennel? Snorkelling Growly?...No? Ok, I'll just have to bide my soul in patience! :-))


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Hester! I'm still thinking about what I should make for Dingbat. ;-)

OHHHH, but I just figured it out!


This is another delight! I love this little fella. So shy, yet with such a look-at-me outfit! All fishy puzzles will be recieved with great appreciation from this puzzler! Thanks: A Fan. :-D


Thank you so much, PJ. I think you have plenty of artistic ability as well. Keep in mind that as you create puzzles, you'll find yourself more and more pleased with your own work too. Or at least, that's the case for me (I think I'm improving as time goes on).

Ms. whatnauts, yes, they are well-behaved fish. :-)

Mandy, I agree with you, and that's why I made this one specifically for Kathy. :-)

Kathy, where do I start??
Only one person besides myself has used any of my images for an avatar. Just by luck, Jon (jangel) saw that puzzle and thought it would make a great avatar for him...and after asking me if it was ok for him to use it, I saw no reason for him not to use it.

A few friends of mine have encouraged me to sign my images...but I haven't felt 'worthy' enough to do that. However, recently I'm thinking that maybe I How about this? I'll make a signature (a small one), and put it on the fish image, and then you can use it all you want. I'll make it so that it doesn't distract from the fish. Just tell me though.

Yes, I did try to capture the essence of your fish. I worked on that for quite some time...let me tell you. LOL The one thing I didn't like was the fact that I had to put a stray piece of 'seaweed' over the fish's head by the mouth, but I couldn't get the mouth quite that was my solution. LOL

In answer to your question about drawing on canvas- no, I haven't done anything artistic at all for about 36 years. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that I had a handcrafted leather shop about that long ago, and at that time, I designed leather wallets, pocketbooks, belts...and such.

In answer to your other question- making money on avatars- no. I should go back and find out if Jon is rich. LOL


OH MY MY MY!!!! Girl, you should go into business making avatars for people!!! I have been on fish forums before and people would fight for an avatar like this!!! Would you mind if I sent out a few emails showing off your beauty???? There is also a forum that I would like to post it on too if and only if you give me permission. Do you charge for making avatars? You should. May I please purchase the right to use this one or either the other one? I can not decide which I love the best. I solved the other one first and saw where you commented that you had also made another one over here. I thought to myself, "How in the world could you make one that I would like any better than the first one?" I LOVE BOTH of them!!!!! The detail....each and every outline, the grandient fill-ins (not sure if that is the correct name for it), the array of absolutely captured the very ESSENCE of the fish in the photo that I posted!!! Do you do drawing on canvas with oil or water colors? You definitely have the talent my friend. You should really be able to make some extra bucks by making avatars I would think...or do you already do that????????


Wendy, he looks much happier here, where his beauty is not obscured by the current... thanks.


Nice pair of fishies :)


Your artistic abilities are incredible. This is a wonderful puzzle Wendy.


Ardy and Katie, I just left you a message on the other puzzle letting you know about this one...but you guys beat me to it. I sure hope Kathy will be pleased. :-) Did you both see her kaleidoscope puzzle????
If you didn't, check this out- it's absolutely GORGEOUS...


So cool!


Kathy should be pleased. Thanks, Wendy.


Great time, Jon! I posted another one with my Wendy13 alias too. You might like that one as well....but it's a bit of a monster for a small puzzle. ;-)