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Through a Window - Untitled

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Thanks so much, RR3 - I LOVE your vision! And, you are so right about making them.

Kirsten - Oh, we KNEW you were in that camp (secretly enjoying that scary stuff)! But, being a member of that same club, I can't complain! Thank YOU!


I'm in the "spooky and odd, but beautiful" camp Jan!! Lots of fun. Thanks so much. :)))


I see a beautiful golden mask with headress reflected in a pool of water with a pink flower in the distance. Great puzzle. You must be having lots of fun creating these puzzles.


Hanne - thanks so much! I think this is quite open to interpretation and I love what you had to say!

Ank - I think it is a bit spooky and a bit odd, too. I am glad you enjoyed it so much!

Ardy - It IS a bit creepy! I confess that I cropped it to make it more so. Thank you so much for your kind words!


Jan, I'm glad I'm doing this in daylight. It's beautiful and creepy at the same time. Looks like a watercolor painting. Love the experimenting you are doing. You are producing, creating some real delights. Thank you for sharing them with us.


Jan this is a wow. It's strange spooky and fairy, mixed with that blurred colours, makes it WOW.


Oh, this is interesting and very spectacular!! Those blurred colours!! They are perfect - and still - I see people and faces but now in a very special way!! They belong to the picture, carry it!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


LOL at you two! Thanks for making me smile, Hester and JC!


Or R2D2 morphing into Darth Vader! Fun one Jan! Thanks :-)


Looks like ghosts peering in, Jan!