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Kaleidos made from ...... Diamonds: Birthstones for April!! ~ Lotsa Carats

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Happy Birthday to all the Jigidiers who have birthdays in April!! Diamonds are YOUR birthstone.

I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of coloured diamonds. I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each 3x3 collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)

And a message to my regular solvers - our Daylight Savings Time finishes tonight, here in Melbourne, Australia. So from tomorrow, my puzzles will be posted an hour later than they currently are. Until October, anyway!


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You're a very generous person, Gail! :))) I thought it was a nice one too, and you're right that we can't trademark our designs.


I saw the angel kaleidoscope and it was a very nice one. I guess it's a form of flattery. It's not like I invented the program or anything. Anybody who experiments could come up with the same designs.


I AM awake Ardy. The alarm clock said 5 am, but my body clock said 6 am. I tried to go back to sleep for a while and failed miserably. So I got up. LOL

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed this one, Ardy. Naturally you were in my thoughts as I made it. And I thought about waiting for next Sunday to post it, but I prefer to post the birthstone puzzles earlier in the month if I can. And I also have something else in mind for next Sunday. There's s a little teaser for you! Although as I type that I realise that it may create expectations beyond what I can deliver on, so don't get too excited. I just think it will be something that you like, that's all. And you know that it you ever DO get that pin with the diamond chip you should make it a pink diamond! It would be perfect for you!! And with that, I best be off. I see there are comments on the small puzzle too that I need to reply too. And then there are my breakfast dishes to wash and a shower to hurl myself into. See you tomorrow tonight! And enjoy your sleep-in! Push out a zzzzzzzzz for me! :))))



You're making me blush Gail!! You're doing some pretty fine work too, you know. In fact I saw someone is using your angel style kaleidos, and naming them that too! That's a sign that not only what you make is beautiful, but people think it's a standard type now! It's like when Jan (JiggyBelle) accidently invented the KaleidoBoards! They were HER thing, but as new people came along, they thought it was just what everyone does, and started making them in that style too. Ah, success. It's a double-edged sword. LOL

But back to this puzzle. I'm soooo glad you like it. I kinda thought you might like the delicacy of the bottom right. But I'm so glad you like the middle right too! It kind of reminds me of an impressionist painting! And I really like that turquoise one too equally for its colour - but also the beautiful star shape that came through! Anyway, blah, blah, blah. I should shut-up now. And just say that I'm very glad that you enjoyed this one. It means a lot to me that someone with such good puzzle taste really likes my puzzles. :)))


Kirsten, You are close to awakening by now. I just spend the last 1:09:32 amount of time playing with diamonds. I want to add the bottom middle to my favorites. This is so beautiful. Thank you for my birthstone. I had wondered if you would wait until next week Sunday to post it. I don't wear any jewelry except occasionally for a small pin. I've often thought I'd like a small pin with a diamond chip just because it's my birthstone. I never will though. There are too many other things to spend money for!! Have a wonderful day. I'll see you tonight - an hour later!! ((HUGS))


Actually they're a little too rich for my blood too, shazzaanie! I'm more of a semi-precious stones kind of a gal. Which is why the top middle appeals to me. And I can sympathise with your addiction. Large puzzles used to be the only ones I would ever solve, and I 'specially liked ones that break up the way this one does - where each component breaks up into its own little puzzle. But I have no time for the biggies any longer, sadly. So I'll have to vicariously enjoy the biggies through you, and the others who solve them! Hope you don't mind! :)))


These are absolutely gorgeous, Kirsten. You make the most marvelous puzzles. My favorite is the lower right. I love the simplicity of it and the magnificent center. My next favorite is the gold one above it. And of course I love the turquoise because of the color.

Oh to have some diamonds like these - but then again I would probably be too frightened to wear them in case I lost them, and think of the insurance. No I will stick to the few chips I have and glitzy costume jewellery. I'm beginning to get addicted to these large puzzles of yours they are such fun.


Thanks Anne!! You do say the sweetest things. :)))

And I'm sorry you had a crappy night last night. I so hope you have a better one tonight. Sleep well, my friend. :)))


I LOVE the sounds of that necklace, Dagmar, and definitely think we should pitch the idea to Cartier! It'd be a hit, for sure. And I'm with you, that regular diamonds are a bit too much for me, but these coloured ones are really nice.

I can't believe that you got up at 11:30 am! I'm so jealous of your ability to sleep in!! Lucky you. I'll be up at 6 am tomorrow. Although, for tomorrow only, it will feel like an hour later. So, off you run. Hope you have a good day, RW1 :)))


Wow! Kirsten, so pretty, so clever. So many of your images are beautiful, well all really, and I can see glitter in a lot. If I was looking for diamonds alone I'd pick bottom left but as a kaleido bottom right just takes the cake. Colours, shape everything. Thanks friend. Thanks for the DLS reminder too. Hey, we can afford to stay up an hour later tonight! Catch ya. Had a rotten night but did catch up some this morning, complete no day today. Ah well, them's the breaks. Night, sleep tight.


Finally I managed to do a big one of these. Your diamonds are absolutely marvellous. I seldom use jewellery but imagine a necklace made of these beauties. The orange-purple one in the middle followed by the pink and purple one, then the blues and and afterwards with the beige and yellow finishing the necklace with the lilac and the green one. I don't know how much karat it would make but it sure would look unusual and stunning. I suppose we should talk to Cartier and propose something like this. I'm sure somebody would like to buy it. I would settle for a glass imitation as I don't really care for diamonds very much but I love colours. :))
Thanks for many karat of fun this very late morning - I got up at half past eleven :)))))) - and enjoy the rest of the evening. I now must run LOL to catch up with all the things I was supposed to do today - not that I'll be able to do so. LOL