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Two Overo Paints

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Wow, what a discussion about Paints! I learned a lot....thanks everybody :) I changed the title of the puzzle :)

Thank you for the information about the differences in Paint horses, Montine. (Sorry I messed up the Tobiano) I have had a grade Appaloosa, a POA, some grade Quarter Horses, a Thoroughbred off the track, and some 'mutt' ponies--some had problems due to their previous owners, but all became quite 'sane' in behavior at my house. True, some did take a looong time, but patience and kindness won out in all but one case. (He was sold because he was just too dangerous and destructive for me)
I, too, miss having horses. I miss the smell when you hug their neck, I miss just sitting on them bareback in the pasture while they graze, I miss that surge of the gallop, I miss the whinny of welcome in the morning and the thundering of hooves as they came in from the pasture when they saw me...sometimes it makes my heart ache. All my horses are dead (most were older when I got them), the last one in 2004 -he was my POA, aged 30. I do know they all had a good life with me before they passed, so I am comforted by that. My vet actually told me that she had to do research into elderly equine care because I had so many horses over 25 during the years she doctored my animals.
Warm Hugs to you, Montine and any others who really miss their horses.


P.S. The Overo is hard to come by. When you see you have an Overo foal your heart skips a beat.


Merrie, the difference between the Overo and Tobiano is simple. They are the same breed but the Overo is determined by a solid color down the entire back. The Tobiano has white crossing into some part of the back. I used to have and show Paints. mariemarie, you are blessed. Paints are good horses that give a smooth ride. Merrie the Appaloosa is the temperamental horse (I have had one of those, too) I love all breeds of horses. I had to let mine go when I could not risk a fall due to osteoporosis. That is one reason I am so pleased Jo is posting horse puzzles. God bless you Jo. I miss my horses. Always will but I have my wonderful Mini Schnauzers now. ~Montine

Love the horses!


I knew they were Paints, but I never really understood how to tell Overo from Tobero. Thanks, Montine, for identifying them for us. They are beautiful--in stereo :-).


That being said they are colored very pretty


I am a horse person but never much for apps or paints. Not been around them much and the ones that I was around had bad personalities. That could have been from the owners. You have heard the saying "no bad horses just bad owners"


Surprise. Two very handsome Overo Paints. They look like a matched pair. Makes a great puzzle. Thank you, Jo. I hope you enjoy your evening and sleep well. Sweet dreams.