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Hi, Jo and Sue. We pronounce it like [elmita:?] . Completely different, isn't it? Of course in English, it is [h?:?m?t??]. ( I just know the origin of the word is French.)I wonder if English prevailed into many languages or it took in many foreign words. Very interesting experience!! The following is what I meant.

Hi, Libbly. Great there are many different cultures in the world. Hope we know them and respect them. Thank you for the nice comment about my puzzles. Very much flattered. Have a nice jigi time.


Just a comment... The Hermitage was also the name of President Andrew Jackson's home in Tennessee, if I am remembering correctly. 1:33


Sachi, thank you for the reply you left on your last jig! I find it so interesting how people the world over celebrate many of the same types of holidays close to the same time of the year, yet many different aspects and origins! Very much like your art, the different textures and colors, bits and pieces of this and that...all coming together in harmony! Sorry to ramble away...thank you for this fun jig! ;-)))


I'm a little confused about "hermitage", I have heard it before, but can't remember where, or in what context. My dictionary explains, 1: the dwelling of a hermit 2: a secluded dwelling. Was the collection about the tools, and items that early people in Russia used, either in work , or their home life? Or is there another definition of hermitage? They say "your never to old to learn new things", but some new things, (like this) are interesting!! Computer details, not so, to me!! lol Sleep well!


I will tell you. 'Hermitage'! I went to Kyoto to see the collection of the State Hermitage Museum in Russia and got a book or catalogue.?Its cover page is soooo nice. Love it and used it to make this one.
And I discovered a big discovery??? The 'Hermitage' ! The pronunciation is completely different from English and never noticed they are the same origin. Sorry, very private discovery and thank you for listening to. I do have to go to bed. 3:00 am! Good night for the last time. Thank you for your message.


Bright and sunny!! Beautiful collage of textures and patterns!! I always wonder what the little snippets of words, and letters might be, if seen in their entirety!! A puzzle, in a puzzle, adds to the fun!! Thankyou for your art! :)