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Boxes With Circles and Squares

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64 pieces
155 solves
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Hi Grace! Like I already told you once before, if I were still solving puzzles, there are a whole bunch of yours that I'd love to solve! Also, there's an old reply of yours that I have to come back to to respond to when I can find it again. I 'lost' it, but will find it. :-)


Thanks for another fun and colorful puzzle Wendy. I could solve your puzzles all day and get nothing else done! Hmmmmm . . . . .


mariasha, I'm glad that it was both a challenge and at the same time, fun. That's the way it's supposed to be....BUT, you are going around naked. I would love to see you dressed up in an avatar.
Hint Hint Hint ;-)

Hi Judy! I LOVE your avatar. I was away for a month, and then this past week...because of my stupid hand....but it's a bit better here I am. I'll have to check out your puzzles shortly. I'm glad you enjoyed solving this one. :-)


Wendy, my long lost puzzle pal. I haven't seen you in awhile and was wondering if all was well. Seeing your work is a great relief. I enjoy this puzzle very much and found the challenge invigorating. I read the comments before solving and the word difficult gives me added incentive. Thanks so much and take care of that hand.

Whew...that was a challenge...but fun, as always (5:28)


Thank you, dear Suzanne! I have to check out your new puzzles to see what new and exciting puzzles you've posted. :-)


Too tricky for me! I like the colors but just got too frustrated and couldn't match pieces to their places.


Well I think it's just fantabulous! Love the pattern--and it's ever so slightly tricky to solve the way the pieces break. Just enough to be a nice challenge. Great job, Wendy!


Mandy, these were unruly boxes. I'm glad that you managed to tame them. I just clicked on Solve and I don't like the colors....and am wondering what I was thinking when I created this. lol


Lovely puzzle, thanks Wendy, and cleverly crafted, with all those similar cross shapes to confuse... I managed to get them under control as you can see!!! ;~)