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Oil and vinegar

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Andy, will these do?


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Waitasec!!! "Waiting for the A/C to come back on..."??? Did you loose power? No, you're online... Did you loose power earlier? What's up??


Thanks, Andy. Just now, sitting here drenched in sweat and waiting for the A/C to come back on, I somehow have lost interest in cooking. But that will (I hope!) change, and tomorrow is another day.


You can get a reasonably decent bottle of balsamic vinegar for a modest price at the supermarket or a store like Costco, for example. When you do replace it, it is wonderful to use in salad dressings and on veggies. If you're not real familiar with balsamic vinegar, which I'm guessing is the case, check out this neat little primer I found from a cooking blog. It looks like a good overview on it:


Mother of vinegar. I'm not cursing, but maybe I'll adopt that phrase when cursing in public.


Well, I guess I'll have to replace the vinegar. This bottle has been in my cupboard for at least 8 or 10 years, maybe more. My sister, who lived with me for several years, must have bought it, and she left Riverside in 2010; the vinegar had been here for quite a while before that. And, yes, it does seem to have some solid matter floating around in it.


Sure! They should do just fine, with one caveat: that your balsamic vinegar isn't to old.

A lot of folks think vinegar will last forever, and that might be true of distilled white vinegar but not your good wine vinegars. So if you dug that bottle out of the back of some cupboard where it's been sitting for year and had to dust it off, you might want to check out the vinegar by itself. Pour some into a clean, clear glass and give it a sniff and a taste (yes, like wine). It should not have little bits of sediment swimming around in it and it should have a mild vinegar aroma with almost a caramel sweetness to it. The taste should not be too tart, like white vinegar but mild with a raisiny sweetness to it and a little texture to it, even an inexpensive one. So, if your balsamic tastes okay by itself, start drizzling some into that EVOO and dig out some of that home made bread!!




They will fix anything...including any odd bread you may have around the house. :)


I bet they'll do in a pinch. Give 'em a try and let us know how your bread tastes before it gets stale.