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Road trip - day 5 - On the way

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Views of the track at various points along the way up Mt. Washington viewed from the open door at the end of the train. In a couple of places the tracks are double to allow two trains to pass. Most of the way it's a single track. Bottom left - we are almost there.

Quoting from Yoyo's blog: "There is an area on the way up called Jacob's Ladder - that section has put the Mt. Washington Railway into the Guinness Book of World Records for two reasons - the most treacherous trestle and the highest one. Comforting thought!"


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I've never heard of any accidents, Mandy. I'm sure they are very watchful for any problems. And I was glad when we were safely back down.


I was thinking that some of the track looks a bit treacherous!! Glad you made it safely to the top and back !!


I think you and Bent would enjoy the experience, Hanne. I found a picture for you that is an even closer view of the track. I'm looking to see how the cogs work on the track. I think there is a picture of the wheel which might show it. Thanks for enjoying our ride.


So glad I can share it, Jan. Thank you.


Indeed, I would like to try!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Great photos - especially on the zoom in! Wonderful way to share this railroad experience. thanks, Ardy!


So glad you enjoyed it, Dagmar. You are always welcome.


I love the way you put all these tracks together, I enjoyed solving this one. I also like the view of the rails, it very original and the tracks really make you understand for how long these trains have been running.
Here is where I come to an end to my midday entertainment for today. I started with the first puzzles but then I realised that I had to start at the end as to understand everything properly.
As soon as I get another while, I'll go back to see the rest of your trip since I left you some days ago. :))
Thanks a lot for sharing all this with us and all the information. As I told you I love to learn new things even though my memory isn't as good as it was and I forget more than half that I read, at least I learn the other half. LOL


Wasn't sure if people would be interested in tracks but the scenery is great. Thanks, Pat.


This is great .. make for a interesting puzzle ...


When we came to switches we went very slowly. I don't think there have been any accidents on this. I haven't heard of any anyway. Thanks, Barb.


I'm not sure I like the sounds of 'the most treacherous trestle', but you obviously arrived at the top just fine and back as well. Interesting views of the track along the way, Ardy. :-)