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Connie in the Office

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Tabby Cat Sat on Box


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She was, Andy. She used to sit on my tum and lick the end of my nose for kitty kisses!


Lovely and cuddly looking.


Thanks Petsmom and Laurajane - yes it was dreadful at the time, and my mum passed away four months later. But, it's amazing where you find strength from at times like that. I take great solace and pleasure in nature and natural things - like lovely scenery and birds, etc., so am very much enjoying seeing other people's lovely places and animals, and doing their puzzles.


Oh how sad. That must have been a terrible shock for you.

Thanks for telling us about Connie. I know you miss her dearly. Thanks, Nicky.


Thanks Pam. Thanks Laurajane. Yes, Connie passed away June last year 2011 after an operation to remove some teeth. She was coming round from the anaesthetic when apparently she just died. It was so sad. But she's laid to rest in the garden she loved just behind the swing where she used to sit and watch the birds!

I always look forward to seeing your photos weet Connie.


I just realized that she is gone now. I have pictures of my Misty, who is also gone. She was a fine cat, Nicky.