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Nine for Fall! (med)

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Thank you, Kirsten - I am smiling at the ocean, too.
I am happy you enjoyed these. I loved the middle one. I swear it winked at me again and again!


I'm with you and Mariasha, Jan on loving those fawn and black edged ones. So I would add the middle left and bottom left to my list of faves. And that burnished bronzy one in the middle is an amazing centrepiece! Thanks for these, they are lovely in the extreme. :)))

And I just looked out to the sea, and smiled. :)))


Hanne - thank You so much!! I am glad you liked them, too!


Mariasha - those two were made from fabric bolts!

And, please do NOT rush the season, I still want to keep fall! I am not letting go easily.....LOL!


Oh, Jan, they are excellent, really!! Thanks so very much!!

How interesting...those are my two faves as well! Looks like the outside is peeling away and exposing the depths inside. I will say, these have a hint of Christmas with all that green and red...guess I'm starting to feel in a holiday mood. Thanks Jan.


Thanks, Barb - we're down to the last handful. But one will really surprise you!

Ardy - I am glad to present them to you. My personal favorites are the ones with the light colors around the edge - upper right and bottom center!


Jan, how perfectly lovely. There is something about the middle left that highly appeals to me today. Like the top left too. I'd be happy with any of them actually. Thanks, Jan for helping fall ":hang in there."


I love the way you keep coming up with new autumn puzzles, Jan! :-)