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Burchall's Cove, Bermuda - small.

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This is the other end of the cove. The house you see on the hill was built by a fisherman who started out fishing with his dad, bought a small boat and just worked his way up to building this lovely house and fishing from a nice boat moored to the left of the house. A real success story.


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Glad you liked it, saw the shell, thanks Shirley.


Beautiful house, great boats too, Thanks Robbie.


Well don't go out in a storm Monica!! Go on a lake or protected sea cove in a sturdy boat just for a while, you may enjoy it.


It's my fear of the boat sinking or big waves hitting the boat and knocking me out of the boat into the water that scares me! I guess I've watched too many movies in the past that show this happening to other people! That's why I've never been on a boat!


Hi chickie, yes it is and it is!! Thanks.

Hi PLG and this was a dull day! Thanks.

It is Celeste, thanks.

Yes there is PK, thanks.

Sounds like a plan PG, thanks mate.

Never been on a boat Monica? Hard to believe but then I live on an Island with water everywhere! Hope you get a chance, you don't have to swim.Thanks.

You're welcome Hanne, thanks.

Yes snooker, there is very little room for mistakes! Thanks.

Yes GS, I agree, thanks.

Hi Ardy, glad you like it, thanks.


That's a great house. Beautiful. Thanks.


Beautiful house, great location and good for him!

Getting a little crowded there. :)


It's a fine story Robbie!! Thanks for telling it and for the photo!!


This home is quite beautiful Robbie! I've never had the pleasure of riding on a boat , always wanted to because it looks like it could be lots of fun, but was too scared to do it! I'm not a good swimmer at all! This is a great shot, thanks!


Lets go get lunch mate.


A whole lot of money there.... thanks Robbie...


Very awesome Robbie :)


Very nice, Robbie. Even with that little bit of water, we can see that gorgeous Bermuda color! Thanks!


And it's a beautiful home at that. Nice shot too Robbie. Looks kind of crowded in that cove.


Hi Denise, yes he and his wife work very hard, they certainly do deserve it, thanks.

Right on gnt, thanks mate.

Hee, hee I bet you could gem!! Thanks.

Yes Ank it is nice seeing people be successful when they work hard, thanks.

An hour behind BJ, no ride here today, gale force winds and rain showers, will have to wait for a while, thanks.


It is just a little after 3 PM nice time to go for a ride.


Wow Robbie that's beautiful, he really made it. I love it when hard working people have such a succes.


Or, I could live here! :)))


I agree with u bentleyd


Hi Robbie:-) Lovely house it looks huge. If he put in the work , he deserves the success:-))