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suet feeder near the Norway Spruce and a bench

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Nothing visited the suet feeder while I had lunch yesterday, 2/1/13, and a camera. Today, 2/2/13, while we were having lunch, there were two chickadees at the suet feeder and one rose-breasted nuthatch, but no camera.


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We bird watchers and puzzle makers of the birds are in the same boat, Schutkleur. ; )

Thank you for commenting on the bench. We've had it quite a while but I like how is "softens" the cement on the patio.


:DDDD Happens to me regularly too, Roseheather :))
Nice photo of your bench :))))


Thank you, PLG, Pumpkinhead, and Laurajane.

Pumpkinhead, I appreciate the thumbs up on this.

PLG and Laurajane, yes, it is so often true! Last fall my husband and my daughter missed a terrific opportunity to get a picture of a pilated woodpecker when we were in the Petoskey, MI area. No camera and my daughter didn't even have her blackberry with her. However, today my husband was able to get some good pictures of the rose-breasted nuthatch this afternoon, anyway, but, of course, I had already posted my limit. I'll put them up tomorrow.

Thanks, PLG, about the bench. We have had it a very long time and I have let it weather, my idea, not my husband's. I like the mossy/gray look it has in the summer and fall. It was a cedar color when we first got it. I liked that too, but I liked it when I neglected it as well. ; )


That made me chuckle, roseheather. Isn't that usually what happens? Something great comes along and camera.


Nice composition, roseheather.


LOL! Isn't that Murphy's law? Thanks for the pretty bench! :)


Of course, the rose-breasted nuthatch spent a good long time on this feeder. It darts in and out of the tray on the seed feeder. It would have been easy to capture its image on this one today.