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3 a.m. Southern Illinois

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Oh wow! So eerie but so beautiful!


Thank you Nellies and cevas.
I wish I had thought of that cevas. Now it is a mess from tire tracks and foot prints.


Wonderful picture!! Thank you chickiemama! Maybe you could take the same picture when the snow stops so we can see the difference.


Forget the talk about snow - this is a truly beautiful photo. This light you captured on the old tree brings up images from Icobad.


Thank you Maryrob.


A lovely night photo.Thanks Chickie.


Yes lyndee the afarer the better. I shovel in my dreams.


Glad you are enjoying it lyndee. :)


Enjoying the snow from afar! The best way.


Out of young man.

mimi, I am glad she is alright. Downed wires is always a worry around here.


I just talked to my daughter in Carbondale and she said they had about 8 inches too. She said even as close as Marion she heard they had 17 inches and some places had 20. That's a lot of snow. Betsy lives outside of Carbondale and there is a hilly driveway-road to get to their house so they may be stranded for a day or two. Everybody is fine and they do have power and lots of food so they're fine. Thank the Lord!


Were you peeping into or out of a window at 3 AM chickster? If it was pumpkins windows you could not see anything in either direction.


I woke up, so I thought I'd see if the snow had started snowing yet. Actually, I do that all the time. If I wake up, I go around looking out the windows. I have seen many interesting things doing that expecially on a moon lit night. LOL


Good grief, gal! What are you doing up at 3:00 AM?


Thank you lela. Stick around, I might build a campfire. LOL


Lovely photo....looks like a drawing.............and now I'm feeling cold!......


Aw thanks JiggyBelle. Remember, I am a Northerner girl, so it really doesn't bother me too much. I am enjoying the sight of it. Just can't go out driving to get some pics.

Yep, it's here Laura. :)


Glad to know somebody got some snow!!


Chickie - I am so sorry! Do you have electricity? That's a LOT of snow for that part of the country! Stay dry and warm. We'll be think of you! Keep us updated!!


For Southern Illinois it is bad Hanne. I believe 8" or 9". It is very heavy and they don't salt the roads unless they are state hwys. They aren't used to much snow here and they don't have that much snow removal equipment either. The neighbor just drove up down the driveway with his big 4wd truck to make a path.


We've read about your snow and storm, it's awfully bad in a lot of places, how about you??? Thanks so very much Sandy!!


A true horseman is not bothered by the weather.


Chickster what are you doing riding in weather like this. Get inside and put on a warmer jacket or you will catch your death.


I don't know if it would ruin the camera, but it might ruin the pics. Thanks morris.


Don't ruin your Camera!!! It shouldn't melt for a while, plenty of time tu get pictures.


Thank you morris. This was just the beginning. There is much more on the ground now, but can't take pics because my lens would be wet.


Looks cold, chickie! Keep warm and dry!!


Oh, look at you Ank. This is just the beginning of it Ank. It is still snowing a blowing. Can't take pics until the wind stops. My lens would be wet. Thanks for the help.


Wow Sandy, it came. I did change my avatar, so I'm ready to help you. I'm on my way friend.