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Wish I Were Back at the Beach!

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The invitation still stands! It beats this motel room I am sitting in!


Beautiful, Jan! I would love to be there, too!


As long as it has hot and cold running water, I'm ready! LOL


We might join efforts and build a little hut out of driftwood. :))


Now, If we could afford a house here....even a tiny one! Thanks, Dagmar!


Who wouldn't want to be back there? I would just drop everything and make a run for it if there was a possibility to spend some time at a place like this.
Thanks for a wonderful sight. :))


I knew that, Gail and I certainly applaud his foresight every single time I go to the coast! But, let's keep it a secret. the less people who know that, the clearer the beaches will stay! LOL (just kidding!)


It looks lovely, Jan. People on Jigidi probably aren't aware that, in 1967, Governor Tom McCall had the foresight to make the entire coastline of Oregon open to the public via the Oregon Beach Bill. If you look at California, New York and a lot of other beaches, most of it is privately owned by wealthy people, with narrow spits of land available to the public. It's one of his most cherished legacies. Thanks for this photo.


Chickie - that is the view from the inside of our favorite rental! so peaceful.....and the beach runs for miles and miles with only an occasional sighting of anyone else.

Ardy - Oh how I wish that could be! Thank you, my friend! And yes - we have lots of pelicans. They are usually brown.


I wish you and hubby and Maggie could be at the beach and stay while everything would be magicked into the house which has all been made ready for them. Then you would just come home and all the work would be done. How's that for a fantasy? Fun puzzle, Jan. Do you have pelicans for real in Oregon. I think of them as a southern birds. Thank you.


Makes me wish I was there too. Nice photo JiggyBelleS