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Themes - Aachen, Germany. My home town

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This is the town where I was born and lived here from 1952-1958.


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Only in my dreams florrie. I don't think I'm ever travelling again. I hate flying and the older I got the more I hated it. My father's funeral was the last time I was there, or anywhere that I couldn't get to by car. But it is such a nice dream and there are many Jigidi friends that i would love to see in person :-)))


Arf, arf, that's me giving a big laugh. I get it now. Didn't really make sense to me when you said that. :-)))))


LOL That's so funny, Edie. It was ME that introduced Ardy to PicMonkey!

And I was talking about YOU silly! ;-P I remember saying to you ages ago that you should try making some collages out of your photos. But you thought it would be too hard to learn how. I'm glad you've given it a shot now, and found out just how easy it is. :)))))))


You're welcome PJ. Thanks for coming by.

Of course you could Kirsten. Just go to PicMonkey where Ardy sent me and it's easy. Glad that you enjoyed the pics.


Wonderful pics Edie, and I thank you too, for sharing part of your life story. :))))

PS I have to say - look at you - Miss "I could never make a collage". LOL


Impressive buildings Edie, thanks for sharing a bit of your history,


Thanks Barb, Ardy and Faye. I still have family there but not many that we are in touch with. My grandmother was one of 6 and only 2 came to Canada and my grandfather had a dozen siblings and he's the only one to emigrate. Faye, I think you can buy beer just about anywhere and drink it anywhere as well :-))


We drove through here in a rush to make a ferry in '78. The one thing that amazed us: You could buy beer at McDonalds! LOL


I'm glad you found the pictures to share, Edie. The city hall at night is very impressive. Thank you.


Lovely pics, and a lovely collage, Edie. Thanks for sharing your hometown with us. :-)


Thanks everyone. Yes my family emigrated in 57' and 58' I came with the second wave having just turned 6. I used to go back regularly while my father was alive but the last time I was there was for his funeral in 1996. The blue sky one is the Rathaus (city hall) at night.


Wow, I love the blue sky one 2dogs7cats. My ancestors were from Germany. Thanks


What a nice town . thanks for the tour


What a GRAND home town! Just beautiful, Edie. Did you move to this side of the pond in 1958?