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Visiting fantasy lands!

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Dear friends - these are the last puzzles from us until some day in September when we'll see you again... We wish you a very wonderful summer...

- so we'll just just speed up and disappear in space for some time...


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It has been kind of my idea too, Barbara - thanks so VERY much dear!! :)))

Ohhh gerdje - thanks for the laugh - I LOVE your comments - and your imagination!! Thanks so very much dear! :)))

Lela, dear friend - you are right it really ought to - I'm so sorry that I've been too busy to do anything but posting puzzles here - I DO look forward to return to Bugosiland in September and all the wonderful inhabitants - please give them a hug from me and my love...Hug for you too of course :))))

We will Aishah - I'll miss you awfully much too - but I DO look forward to the wilderness - See you dear and thanks so very much :)))


Hope you both enjoy your summer, Hanne & Bent. You will be missed. I'll be looking for you to return in the fall. : )


Nekkid wimmen?.........This should be filtered!!
Enjoy your summer, Hanne & Bent!......

Ha ! I looked tooo long on this Picture ! First I just see a wonderful stone ,and see him on a ring and then I just see a lot of naked woman swimming to the center or away . Ha !


Beautiful blue glass flower.