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Grouse Mountain

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from Stanley Park, Vancouver
When the picture is enlarged you can see the path of the gondola ride or Skyride above the tall building on the right. We can almost see the little building at the top where it stops. On a clear day and using binoculars we can see the red cable cars slowly moving up and down.


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Thank you Suzy. And your pictures of New York state are wonderful too!


Such a beautiful city.


Hi Lorna. Thank you for your note. Glad you had a nice holiday here! Many of the people who solve my puzzles have lived here or visited !! I guess it's a small world after all !!


Great photo Cathy. I remember the trip in the gondola - it was a brilliant experience. And yes Ank, fantastic views too! I had a wonderful holiday in Canada - can hardly believe it was almost 15 years ago.


Thank you Gladstone! We live in a big beautiful country!!

Thank you Ank. Those are good dreams and maybe one day ... they will come true!


Love the photo Cathy, In my daydream I go with you is such a red car. I think you have a great view in there.


Your pictures of the west coast are always nice to see. Thank you.


Thank you Jim.


Love your photo, Cathy from the mountain to the ducks!