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The Non-Awaited Bugosilogue....Page 6...

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It is beautiful LOVE to have it any color but yellow please thank you


So, let me get this straight, Cakes.....You're going to wear a white knit cardigan (oops Bugosigan) over TIGER FUR???? You could swim in the Arctic Ocean with that combo!......


Oh joy, I can't wait!!! Nights have been down in the 40's/50's but days are still plenty warm enough. :))


Thank you double-batter!...
Cakes......Your Bugosigan is on its way!......


Six down ..........
(time, 2:24)
I must say, your knit coat is gorgeous and I would love to have one for this coming winter!! :))))))


Why Lela, what a fetching look!




Well, the 'Weeping Willow' was present at the photoshoot......He asked me to hold his 'shopping' while he went to the little boys room.....


It is with heavy heart and sad sighs, that I am unable to avail myself of this truly magnificient just never gets cold enough in South Texas for stylish winter weather such as this.....But, I note the chicken in you custody....It looks very much like my prize layer, Blanche....though I would never, could never, accuse YOU of being a chicken thief......I can only assume it was bestowed upon your magnificience by none other that the "Weeping Willow" himself...aka P-Squirt.


Don't worry, Robertus......I've sent your order of Baby doll nighties for men, Little Jimmy Osmond action figures, and the book 'Tadpoles for all occasions'.....
dancing-pecan...glad you got it!


some people in the jigidi group are having trouble too Robbie. I think Sunday is tinkering day in Magnusland


One of everything please Lela, I cannot see any puzzles now, just comments. Very strange.


Weeping willow?.........Oooooooo noooow get it .....he he he. Good one lela!


Now I remember!....In the centre was a very pretty (and appropriate) embroidered design of a weeping willow!....


Oh yes, I'd completely forgotten about that award M'sieur PSquire- wasn't that the D.O.L.L.S house therapeutic knitting group championships? Most impressive and artistic the winning piece was too, if I remember rightly your entry was a small but very beautifully crafted codpiece?


I have crocheted (you use only 1 needle, and call it a hook) but never produced much so I never became a skilled master. I used it mostly to add distinctive borders to things I knitted. And nah, I don't buy it, I think you completely wiffed on our new Jaguarian-bugosian.

Either way, WELCOME Jag '66. Sit around a while and have some fun.


Mr.Le-Squirt, it is with some (much) reluctance that I congratulate you on your knitting you crochet also, as well?.....As for the car business, I name people as I choose to name them....SO THERE!.....
Hanne-with-pipe-preparing-for-chilly-days.......Your Bugosigans are on their way....


If I had a '66 Jaguar XKE, I'd call myself a roadster, too! Fabulous car, and I think it may have gone - - Zoooooommmmmm - - right over lelabug's head. I did have a '68 Triumph TR-250, the only year they made it, between the TR-4a and the TR-6, but it was nothing compared to the Jag.

Don't worry about speed solving these crazy puzzles. I have a couple categories of puzzles that I just take my time on so I can savor them, stretch them out and enjoy them more. The real fun here is the banter, anyway!


How wonderful, just what I was looking for for the winter! Lela, please make it 5 - doesn't matter with the buttons - then I'll have some for Christmas and birthday presents. Bugosians - think ahead, think about your friends and relatives who would adore a present like this!!


Shinymonth, I was angling for an admission that child labor was at the heart of production, and just Yolking about knit/crochet. But in his confession that it was all done by 12-year-olds, lelabug also admitted that it was knitting, so that's the part I pounced on. Is all. A little misdirection. I myself am an accomplished knitter, Janesville, WI 20-30 age group champion, 1975!!! I won a $5 gift certificate for K-Mart which I used for more yarn, of course!


roadieperson-onroute66-with-letters.....Glad you are finding something of interest in our humble catalogue......(Yes, it was Isadora I had in mind).....
raincoat-infusion.....Thank you....I rather think so myself (Hee-Hee)......your order has been despatched.....
pretty-little-dance......I am afraid the chickens cannot be sent ...the carrier-pigeons union has issued a statement, stating that they are not stately pall-bearers, and refuse to carry corpses (in whatever state) to the United States (or to any other states, for that matter).....Ditto, carrier eagles, albatrosses, storks, cranes etc.......
was-shining.......Yes, there is nothing at all wrong with kitting....or knitting, for that matter.....As for what you owe, do as your conscience dictates....The Old Buggers will be eternally grateful......


PS what's wrong with kitting. This is a hand knitted Arran coat so expect to fork out at least $300 for one in a boutique. by the way how much do I owe?


we are both comfortable sizes please. Poor isadora, yes she was a dancer but her scarf became entangled in the wheel spokes of her sports car and she strangled to death, could still happen.


I would like to order 2 Bugosigans in size "Portly" - with Jiggybuttons, of course, and do NOT forget to send the chickens with each order! I'd like one in "ecru" and one in "taupe." And could I special order the scarf in 18 ft length (for motorcycle safety)? Oh- and could you please expedite my order by sending it via carrier eagle. thank you!


Cutting quite a dashing figure there! Making the BEAUTIFUL BUGOSIGAN look quite nice.
I simply must have one with the ebony buttons and one with Jiggy buttons for special occasions.

Lelabug, enjoying your "Bugosilogue" immensely and plan to place an order within the next few weeks.

Re your initial comment, nobody wants to do "An Isadora Duncan - Death by Scarf." And she wasn't even hunting, just dancing....well, not at that moment....

Doing your puzzles - just very, very slowly. Waiting to peruse the next scintillating installment!!


Yes......something wrong with knitting?.......


So you's knitting!


"little 10 and 11 year olds"..............Hee-Hee!......FYI, Mr.LeSquirto, none of our knitters are under the age of 12..........(or over 12, for that matter)......


What th'? Is that thing knitted or kroshayed? Either way, wheredja get enough yarn for that behemoth? N' I didn't know the Norwegians had child labor sweat shops, but it looks like that must be where they've got little 10 and 11 year olds churnin' 'em out!


Hellooee dancing-pecan.......Would Wicca be in need of the scarf, or would it perchance, perhaps, possibly be a hindrance to her 'activities'?.....


I must have this! With jiggybutttons of course. Perchance could Mrs. Bugosi knit a matching flightsuit/diaper for "Wicca" ???? She takes Crow size medium.


was-shining......are they both in a "comfortable" size, or just the one?......
precious-pebble......The usual Dr.Adonis gift wrap will be wrapped round your gift, as a wrapping.....We have special carrier pigeons for these larger items....may take a few weeks...or months....


You're is beautiful...I'll take two, with jiggybuttons and one with we're retired and will no longer take business trips with Dr. Adonis. I'm assuming chickens are not included...but what about shipping and handling? And the gift wrap? Thank you for expediting my order expeditiously.


ooh that looks so cosy, could I have one for myself and one for witzend in a comfortable size


Due to popular(ish) demand, we are at this moment adding added additions to our hugely....very......moderately.....successful Bugosilogue 2012/13.......
Today we present the BEAUTIFUL BUGOSIGAN........The 20ft.-long scarf is detachable, in order to avoid avoidable accidents when motoring at high speeds in the countryside......Comes with a choice of buttons - ebony (shown here), jiggybuttons (for that touch of psychedelia), and Dr.Adonis (for business trips)......